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A legitimate career

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By , March 5, 2012 12:34 pm

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broader healthy living, in addition to disease-free, there are normal, harmonious meaning. Healthy living at home, lay, should stay away from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, drinking and other bad language, behavior, and thus consistent with social ethics, state laws, the laws of nature. Healthy life, it should be middle of the living, away from the Ku Yue two sides. Specifically, to protect the health of life at home, lay in four areas: legitimate job, good habits, harmonious relations, health psychology.

A legitimate career

have skills, there is a legitimate career, a stable income, can self-support, support their families. Today’s society a large population and relatively scarce natural and social resources, which resulted in a variety of social environment of competition between people. If a person unskilled in the competitive job market is difficult to find a job and satisfaction in work even harder. No work no steady income, their life is a problem, let alone the family of Zhao Gu. Three meals a day an anxious person, but how can practice the Buddha mind to curb it? So lay at home and not work to curb the Buddha’s idea is wrong.

although some people have a windfall, high-income career, but it is illegal, such as illegal hunting, pornography is, fraud and selling, commercial fraud, bribery and other social crimes, once unmasked, in addition to their subject to legal sanctions, confiscation of illegal gains, and usually hurt the family and friends, and ultimately not worth the candle.

only have a legitimate job, stable income, can self-support, support their families, will be in the mood, have the energy to curb Buddhist practice.

Second, the good habits

(a) a reasonable diet

period to avoid eating food, spoiled food, junk food, fat and high sugar foods to eat less. Eat more grains and fruits and vegetables, to avoid killing. Secretion in fear when the animal was killed, Animals brought back to the human foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease, avian flu, SARS and other plagues, and vegetarian people health and longevity.

regular meals. Fasting for too long, stomach and duodenum are acid erosion, can cause peptic ulcer, severe stomach bleeding. Deterrence eat too little, can cause low blood sugar, dizziness, malnutrition, low immunity. Overeating, so bloating discomfort, it will affect digestion and sleep.

of few words when eating, Slow Food. This can reduce the workload of the stomach, the stomach or increase the chance of damage.

after eating, take a break.

avoid spicy food. Tea, coffee, wine, etc. can cause peptic ulcer. Less smoke less alcohol, stay away from drugs.

meals three times a day principle: eat early, eat, eat Bao afternoon and evening to eat less.

(b) the proper sleep

the health hazards of lack of sleep great and must not be ignored. Affect the normal brain, such as thinking and judging, affecting growth and development of young people, young people face affect the beauty and skin health, and often lack of sleep will make people anxious, endocrine disorders, reduced immunity, which cause various diseases.

appropriate, good sleep will make the body a series of positive physiological changes, help to restore strength, strengthening the immune system, help fight disease and physical rehabilitation. American Medical Professor William Pok? Dement said: Sleep However, napping should not be too long, half an hour is sufficient, no more than 1 hour, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep at night.

but there are many people there are different degrees of sleep disorders such as insomnia, drowsiness, sleep perversion, dreams, nightmares, sleepwalking and so on. And there are some obstacles to overcome sleep know-how. Such as the early hours at night, to avoid Do strenuous exercise before bedtime, avoid overeating, and do not drink alcohol, coffee and tea, to avoid insomnia. Proper rest during the day at noon, but not too long, otherwise the impact of sleep at night. Correct sleep position, keep good fortune lying, to ensure that sleep when the body relax, blood smooth. Before going to bed after waking is known to maintain mindfulness, not cranky, to avoid dreams, nightmares, sleepwalking.

Third, the harmonious relationship

everyday troubles and pain Ku, except by the individual physical and psychological impact, there are interpersonal relationships, family relations and social relations. Interpersonal conflict, family conflict and social conflict will directly bring all sorts of trouble and pain Ku, only the establishment of harmonious interpersonal relationships, family relations and social relations in order to avoid Pok learning, work and life in the external obstacles. And VI Respect and four deterrence method is the harmonious relationship between all the basic criteria.

body and VI Respect means to live, oral and non-Zheng, Italy, and colleagues, and fellow ring, see, and the same solution, with both Lee and. Body and is said to live in everyday life we ​​Zhao Gu help each other to avoid conflict and violation of the limb. Port and non-Zheng is that we humility with each other in daily life, comfort, inspire, to avoid entanglement and verbal disputes. Italy and colleagues said we love each other in daily life, mutual respect, to avoid confrontation and resentment within the heart. Ring and the fellow is that everyone in the daily Pok learning, living and working in the written agreement to comply with the common, not allowed to have institutional violations. See and understand is that we view with consistent, unified concept, the same objective, must not have thought of disruptive behavior. Lee and the same are that we can equally benefit from the collective property, rational distribution and must not have the privilege of economic behavior. The first three are harmonious performance, the latter three are the essence of harmony. It is now six and respect the spirit of enterprises, social groups within the general principles of personnel management, but also the efforts of government and society harmonious interpersonal relationships, harmonious social relations can learn from the guiding spirit.

four deterrence laws, including Busch, words of love, Lee Hong, co-workers. Busch is to own property, intellectual, emotional, physical and even life itself, etc., to others without asking to bring health, happiness, security, happiness, skills, wisdom and so on. Words of love that is honest language, quality direct language, soft language, language mediation, encouraging words, caring words, comforting words, and avoid bad mouth hurt, satire slander, sowing discord, words of love are harmonious social lubricant. Lee Hong is his demeanor can give others the benefit of, at any time did not forget to help others, degree of other people, success people, rather than on the narrow immune or selfish, self-furniture values ​​of life. Colleagues is that we can live in harmony with others, mix the same boat, and will not stand idly by, and even refused to people thousands of miles off the rice bowl under the stone. Buddhist four deter law is to help others, harmonious interpersonal relationships, harmonious social relations, code of conduct.

healthy relationships, family and social relations is a normal Pok learning, work and life protection. But some at home that lay Buddhist should abandon secular Pok all social relations, and never in contact with friends, colleagues, relatives and strangers with his family, a serious discrepancy with the real world. Such as curb by lay Buddhist practice, it would seriously disrupt their normal life, life’s troubles and pain Ku not only can not reduce, but will increase barriers to their practice and therefore will escape.

four mental health

from the physical and psychological Pok Pok’s perspective, each negative emotions can impact our vital organs, and even lead to serious organ damage. Anger when the gas on, got angry, is induced by hypertension, coronary heart disease, ulcers and other diseases of the important reasons. Hi can make blood circulation, muscle relaxation, easy to restore fatigue; but happy too, the damage to the heart qi. Extremely sad when people can hurt the lungs, dry cough, shortness of breath, hemoptysis, hoarseness, and respiratory rate changes, impaired respiratory function. Can seriously interfere with the nervous system panic, make tinnitus, deafness, dizziness and other symptoms, even lethal, saying

we should try to avoid anger and resentment, slander and angry victims, from furniture and jealousy, low self-esteem and pride and other adverse psychological. And in order to have a comprehensive mental health, should attend four immeasurable heart. Mercy Corps is immeasurable heart and hope to help all beings be Jixiang An Le, can cure anger, resentment, psychological; grief is immeasurable heart and hope to help all beings to eliminate troubles pain Ku, can cure slander, angry psychological harm to others; hi immeasurable heart that rejoice in all living beings Jixiang An Le, can cure from furniture, jealous of the psychological; homes immeasurable heart is equal treatment of all sentient beings, can cure low self-esteem, pride psychology. There are also Buddhist renunciation, all through out away from the secular to the craving of the rule, so as to fundamentally from the world of all the trouble and pain Ku.

sum up, the key lies in eight healthy life – normal, healthy, harmony, wisdom. Normal, including Pok learning, working, living a normal life. Health, including diet, sleep, mental health health. Harmony, including interpersonal relationships, family relations and harmonious social relations. The key point is that there is wisdom, the establishment of impermanence, without me, origin, middle of right view, so as to ensure normal, healthy, harmonious, revel in middle life.