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By , March 6, 2012 10:16 am

chicken soup delicious and nutritious, and has a beauty and anti-fatigue effect, has been very popular. Medical personnel in Germany after a long study confirmed Pok, chicken soup is the effect of good family, the role.

The report noted that early flu typically have the following Ji two symptoms: cough, nasal dryness, nasal congestion and so on. At this time, the patient to drink fluids if food can be kept moist nasal mucosa, easy to clean the nose and throat, and drink not only has the effect of chicken soup, but also helps the virus excreted.

Many people may think, a simple point to make a good chicken soup, the chicken into the water pot on it, simply add some spices and salt. As everyone knows, is very particular about boiling chicken broth, if some of the steps upside down or wrong, often tasteless boiled chicken soup, and will drain some of the nutrients. Point to note Ji boiled chicken soup:

(1) slaughtered chickens to eat frozen chicken

buy live chickens naturally do not say, mainly to ensure meat The delicious. However, chicken bought, you should first fridge freezer frozen about 3 hours to thaw a chance to soup. To do so, with the row of acid is the same for meat. Animals suddenly killed, the body will naturally release a variety of toxins; and new more appropriate temperature to kill bacteria in chicken breeding, then frozen, both sterilization, but also allow chicken from the This chicken meat is the best, to do out of the soup will taste even more delicious.

(2) the necessary steps – Flying Water

nutrition Pok studies have shown that before any meat in soups, main ingredient should be cooked in boiling water inside look, not only to remove the raw smell, but also a thorough process of clean meat, you can make stew out of the soup cool and not muddy, delicious and no odor, a process called fly water.

fly water is a skill, if it is cold Shui Zhurou, from cold to boiling, the meat would be a serious loss of nutrients. Most appropriate when the pot in warm water, then cook for seven to eight minutes, the cooking process, flip the meat in a timely manner. Of course, the water pot can, you can cook three to five minutes.

(3) stew start, aquatic hot

water after flying to pieces immediately with cold water showers, add one pot stew. Stew pot of cold water because the most appropriate, with the water temperature slowly rises, raw materials will fully release nutrients, and water temperature of the raw materials to better cook with good taste.

(4) control the heat – stew key

stew mainly to drink the soup, followed by re-eat their meat, so we do not advocate using pressure cooker stew, because nutrients required to heat a small fire for a long time to come out slowly, and with a pressure cooker boil a short time, can not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, stewed chicken casserole should be used, the first fire 10 minutes after a small fire to boil, boil the hands of the degree should like to open non-open state, because the casserole strong function of the insulation, if full boil and then transfer a small fire It’s up to the boiling soup will be a

in the soup course, try not to expose the cover, exposing the cover is easy to

(5) put seasoning the curb to ask

boiled chicken soup when the release order of condiments is luxurious Otherwise, it will make chicken soup out of a lot less.

cook chicken soup in the beginning was like when you put all the spices into them, this is not Section Pok. Because in doing chicken soup, if prematurely into the salt, will make the protein coagulation chicken, soup and delicious nutritional level will be greatly reduced level, prone to tasteless soup, meat is not bad results.

So, when can put spices it? salt and other spices in the soup should be about Aohao time into them, do not stir after salt, raw salt, that would leave an odor. Salt, the sub-fire for 10 minutes, half-way not to expose cover, so it will be thicker taste of chicken soup.

(6) These people do not chicken soup

While chicken soup is nourishing to share, but not everyone is suitable for chicken soup, chicken soup because contained nutrients from chicken fat, chicken, chicken and brown in a small amount of dissolved water soluble small molecule protein, fat and salt, and chicken in the oil mostly Bao and fatty acids. If you are a high cholesterol patients, peptic ulcer patients, patients with renal or weak patients with gastric ulcer, as much as possible not to chicken soup, chicken soup will not only increase the burden on your body, but also increase your condition.

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By , March 5, 2012 4:38 pm

You may have been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – Health Health Channel – People

health . Chronic cough, sputum, shortness of breath activity is typical of COPD, with the condition gradually worsened, severe daily activities is also a sense of shortness of breath or rest. However, the early symptoms of COPD are often not obvious, often overlooked, symptoms tend to have significantly impaired lung function.

big 伕 online special issue of major Beijing People’s Hospital, Respiratory Medicine, Pok Yang Rui Hong, deputy chief physician, to tell us something about the hazards and knowledge.

COPD What are the dangers?

gradually increased with the impairment of lung function, COPD patients often chronic respiratory failure, and further lead to arterial hypertension, chronic pulmonary heart disease, manifested as cyanosis of lips, intermittent lower extremity edema. Patients with severe COPD can easily merge pneumothorax, pulmonary embolism, and often accompanied by fatigue, weight loss, etc., in various organs of the body in varying degrees of damage.


lung damage is irreversible, COPD primary goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms, improve quality of life and reduce exacerbations and slow the decline in lung function.

Smoking is the main reason for decline in lung function, smoking cessation has proven to be effective in delaying the decline in lung function, so patients with COPD to stop smoking and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke and to avoid dust, smoke and harmful gas inhalation .

Bronchodilators are important therapeutic agents, preferred inhalation therapy, long-term and short-acting two sub-categories. Short-acting formulations, mainly in asthmatic apparent to alleviate the symptoms; long-acting formulations for patients with moderate or severe. For severe and repeated in patients with acute exacerbation, inhaled corticosteroids may, in addition to corticosteroids and bronchodilators compound preparations. Selection of different drug treatments in different disease COPD, patients should go to regular hospitals

Since respiratory infections are a major cause of acute exacerbation of COPD, patients should receive the flu vaccine and pneumonia vaccine. For chronic respiratory failure, long-term hypoxia of COPD patients under the guidance of a doctor should be long-term oxygen therapy can improve patient quality of life and improve survival.

as respiratory infections, cold air stimulation and other reasons, sicker patients have intermittent, short-term cough, sputum, wheezing increased, mostly purulent sputum increase in volume, may be associated with fever, and even drowsiness, coma and other pulmonary encephalopathy performance, this time need to go to the hospital

Yang Rui Hong, deputy director of Physicians

sections: Beijing People's Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine big Pok

good at: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma and other respiratory disease


Web services: big 伕 online free online consultation, an appointment for a free range referral referral

appointment: chronic bronchitis, asthma, among quality of lung disease and other
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Recommended reading: planning: friends, said

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By , March 5, 2012 4:36 pm

■ Introduction

case of Lee, who lives in Chongqing is 48 years old, suffering from multiple hemorrhoids for many years, often stool. Not long ago he came to Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University Pok trauma surgery for treatment. Here, doctors with the latest style with a light gun style anus intestinal ligation device for treatment of patients

the treatment of hemorrhoids is usually based on the patient's condition to take medication and surgery. Drug treatment can not cure, easy to relapse; conventional surgery requires anesthesia and a series of operations not only ready, but also in the anus or rectum gate formed by treatment of the wound. Daping Hospital, Third Military Medical University Pok main Renma Xiao Lin Department of Surgery, developed with a light source such as gun-type anus intestinal ligation device, the principle is: the use of negative pressure generated by pulling the trigger, the internal hemorrhoids or polyps suction suction head , while attracting rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids head push roots or polyp pedicle, so that the internal hemorrhoids or polyps due to ischemic necrosis and shedding. The entire course of treatment without anesthesia, without bowel preparation, patient pain Ku, complete ligation of internal hemorrhoids, ligation can be repeated many times, after ligation does not affect

Professor Ma Xiaolin said that in the multiple ligation of internal hemorrhoids, the doctor will be based on the size of hemorrhoids, each 1 to 3 ligation of internal hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids generally not more than three, the first set of hemorrhoids or larger bleeding internal hemorrhoids. For mixed hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids ligation only part, after ligation of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids can form a wound healing scar retraction to the anus within the cure. Stage ligation interval of two weeks, usually 2 to 3 times can be completely cured. (Zou Zheng-chun)

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