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First of all, the symptoms of bird flu heavier than normal, and the common cold light

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By , March 5, 2012 12:40 pm

30th Guangdong Provincial Health Department briefing, Shenzhen City, found one case of human infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza suspected cases. It is reported that the avian flu virus is mainly present in the sick and infected poultry digestive tract, respiratory organs and tissues in the body, and poultry. Respiratory diseases and is now in a good season, how do we distinguish between ordinary flu and bird flu? How effective against avian influenza.
how to identify the common cold and the bird flu

Chinese Center for Disease Control Epidemiology Section Pok Pok chief Sina home health said to have been light, First of all, the symptoms of bird flu heavier than normal, and the common cold light. people suffering from bird flu, the early symptoms are very similar with severe influenza, high fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, headache, general malaise, some patients may have nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dilute water stools and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Some patients can be seen conjunctivitis and other eye infections, most sustained body temperature above 39 ℃. Part of the patient’s chest X-ray shows unilateral or bilateral pneumonia, a small number of patients with pleural effusion. Can occur in some patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome and other serious life-threatening syndrome.
Secondly, if history of exposure to poultry. avian bird flu patients often have a history of exposure, but generally had no recent contact with birds who do not take into account the majority of bird flu.
Finally, and most effective way to differentiate is to curb pathogen detection. The diagnosis of avian influenza epidemics Pok and mainly depends on clinical manifestations, diagnosis depends on virus isolation, viral antigen and serum antibody detection. History, including whether to curb the epidemic had affected areas, or close contact with poultry or with avian flu history of close contact. 1 week, and clinical manifestations of influenza-like persistent high fever (> 39 ℃) should be alert to bird flu. Virus isolation, viral antigen and serum antibody detection is an important method of diagnosis of avian influenza.
sporadic cases exist without tension popular two barrier

Professor Zeng Guang to Sina Health explained that the outbreak of bird flu in humans in two main barriers to break . First, the species barrier. Avian influenza virus mainly in birds pandemic virus, infection to humans Ji rate is relatively small. The current cases are mostly sporadic cases. Second, in the popular barrier between people. For now, only a very few cases are spread by people. Variation for the virus, he said, according to the actual situation, in order to determine whether mutation of the virus spread from person to person, as well as its propagation speed. Therefore, we distributed the current bird flu do not panic.