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Breakfast: Nuts dumplings

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By , March 5, 2012 12:37 pm

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Winter chill is getting stronger, rich in nutrients and moderate heat all kinds of nuts will undoubtedly become an excellent choice for the health of this season. For many of the nuts used only as a sofa snack for people who need to master Ji Road or simple to use, or a delicious nut recipes, eating from the table to the other scattered moments of time, around the clock to nuts plus for your health .

Breakfast: Nuts dumplings

[] Dumpling flavor characteristics, is the most traditional Chinese breakfast. To the autumn and winter, the accumulation of all kinds of dried fruit at home more and more, we might take this time to take all kinds are a little, made savory stuffing Nuts, delicious dumplings into the breakfast table.
] [recipes raw almonds, walnuts, black sesame seeds, melon seeds, sugar, flour, butter, rice flour, pandan leaf juice, water

Cooking methods []
1. Stripping out all kinds of nuts, dried with oil-free water Guochao it.
2. fried nuts, let cool, and other fillings together crushed with a rolling pin. Ordinary flour into the oil-water dry fry pan over medium heat mature side. White flour into a light brown off the fire.
3. Take a large bowl, put chopped nuts, sugar, cooked flour, softened butter at room temperature have been placed together and mix well.
4. glutinous rice powder in the amount of water into the water to increase little by little, and good surface, the dough in half to add pandan leaf juice bunched up into a light green face, on the side of the sugar for a while, this Nuts can be made when filling.
5. the white and green hand-knead the dough were similar length, about the thickness of the strip. Diverge the four colors together dough, cut into small sub-agent.
6. glutinous rice dough stretching is bad, do not roll with a rolling pin, press into the surface film with the palm wrap Nuts stuffing.
7. glutinous rice balls wrapped round his hand after rubbing with dry glutinous rice flour sprinkled on the case of the board to be boiling, water, open the pot for 5 minutes a bowl.

1. Fried nuts when the use of fire, and kept turning, so as to avoid fried burnt.
2. packet stuffing dumpling before Nuts small round cones bunched up into equal portions of the reserve.
3. filling half the weight of the dough just about, so pack a more appropriate proportion of glutinous rice balls, easy to operate, but also easy to break.
4. dumpling place at room temperature should not be too long, or easy to rip, stuffing cooking time will flow. Eat rice balls into the fridge eat with boiled.

Nutritional benefits []
Nuts glutinous rice balls sweet and salty mouth, pleasant fragrance, mellow taste, with the spleen and stomach, scattered bleeding effect.

Snack: sesame peanut candy

[] Peanut flavor characteristic of sugar to accompany us from childhood to the present, is the memory of the deep feelings of a candy. Coke candy crisp aroma of incense mixed with nuts verses the mouth a fragrance.
recipes raw materials] [black sesame, peanuts, sugar, malt, salt, water,

Cooking methods []
1. The first part of preparing nuts. The raw peanuts into the oven, bake 20 minutes with about 150 ℃ (half-way to flip Ji times, so that uniform heat peanut), leave to cool the skin after removal of the peanut. Black sesame seeds into the oven, bake for 10 minutes with about 150 ℃. The peeled peanuts and black sesame seeds with a 100 ℃ oven with the heat, be careful not to scorch.
2. Then boil sugar: sugar, malt, salt and water into the pot while cooking over low heat, while stirring, and so can be transferred to the sugar is completely dissolved in the fire, do not need to stir, cook to 160 ℃, immediately turn off.
3. the heat sesame and peanut syrup into the pan and mix well.
4. down to the baking tray cloth, poke spread too thin, the top and then cover a baking tray cloth, with a rolling pin roll flat.
5. temperature is slightly lower that the cloth can be easily peeled off the pan, hot with a kitchen knife cut into desired size.

Skills] [
1. Roasted peanuts to make peanut when heated evenly.
2. some small fires throughout the operation, close attention should not focus on any one part of a burnt situation.
3. syrup spread on a cloth in the oven when not too thick, or bite it is very difficult.
4. cut peanut brittle all the time do not wait until cold, so very easy to shatter.


Nutritional benefits of peanuts to a single non-fat content and fatty acid-based Bao, one of the linoleic acid, linolenic acid are essential fatty acids our body. Deterrence into the daily amount of fatty acid mono-Bao and has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system, can prevent atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease. In addition, peanuts are also rich in vitamin E and various minerals.

Lunch: French fermented glutinous rice chicken

Flavor characteristics] [it came from the French countryside cuisine is classic Western Road improvements dishes.
[raw] recipes green, lean bacon, chestnuts, chicken, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, chicken broth, red wine, carrots, sugar, corn flour, salt and pepper

Cooking methods []
1. The green on the insulation of the bowl, pour boiling water swamp, up 30 seconds and drain. Let cool enough to hand peeling back.
2. in fire casserole with 1 tablespoon oil, add the bacon, fry 3 minutes, turning frequently until crisp spare. Then the onions into the casserole, middle and high gently for 5 minutes, until browned all back up.
3. the mushrooms into the casserole, fried oil 3-4 minutes, turning frequently until golden brown.
4. to half of the bacon and shallots back into the casserole,
Sprinkle chicken and then put the other half of bacon and shallots. Swept up in a bunch of the herb into the pot, add soup and wine, put some pepper.
5. soup boil after the transfer simmer 15 minutes. Put the carrots and continue to stew over low heat 30 minutes or until cooked chicken, and carrots become crisp. Remove chicken and place in a heated plate, redouble the root, chestnuts, mushrooms, shallots and carrots and maintain temperature.
6. will be a little corn flour and water blended into a smooth sauce, pour the soup and stir to a thick stew. According to personal taste seasoning, discard the herbs that beam. Spoon the sauce poured on to the chicken and vegetables, sprinkled with parsley and serve.

Skills] [
1. Skin of cooked chicken breast without skin to be more than six times the fat. If you prefer, you can also do the dish to lock the chicken skin moisture, and then remove the chicken skin before eating. In the top of the point spread can be added to the color red chili powder.
2. Red wine contains flavonoids, can help prevent heart disease.

Nutritional benefits []
dish rich in copper, niacin, vitamin A, B6. Contain iron, potassium, selenium, vitamin B1, B2, and zinc,
Also contains folic acid and vitamin E. Especially chestnuts, hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, etc. have good control effect.

Tea: nuts, cheese cake

Flavor characteristics [] Many people could not escape the temptation of cheesecake. Entrance, frankincense sense to pass up, plus crispy nuts, soft in crisp, delicious and tasty.
raw materials] [recipes
A material: plain cream cheese 240 grams, 50 grams fresh cream, milk 100ml, butter 80 grams; B material: corn starch 25 g, milk 50ml; C material: protein, 150 grams, sugar 80 grams, 10 grams of corn starch, lemon a teaspoon of juice, egg yolks 138 grams, fresh cream 5 grams flour 30 grams

Cooking methods []
1. A material impermeable to melt (about 3 minutes stirring once), with a rubber knife block cheese as far as possible of the open, away from the fire.
2. mix B material, into the practices of a stir in the paste.
3. after the yolk broken up into a paste in the mix.
4. with a membrane filter, then used a rubber knife to force open some small particles of not-opening.
5. Preheat oven 180 ℃.
6.C feed protein plus lemon juice (vinegar), whipped to a foam, and then three times into the sugar, beat until neutral wet bulb.
7. to 1 / 3 of the protein into the batter bubbles in the mix, and then paste the whole basin into the protein foam, a quick stir.
8. into the mold, sprinkle with melon seeds, soak the earthquake pre-baked into the box after 60 minutes, 180 ℃ 150 ℃ turn color after baking.

Skills] [
1. Impermeable melted cheese, when I remember the water temperature is not too high, the best four or five degrees.
2. want to make a soft sponge cake, container or mixer cleaning is also very important equipment containing oil, the eggs will not be able to play bubble. []

nutritional benefits of cheese, concentrated milk, fermented milk, which is basically ruled out the milk in a lot of water, which retains the essence of some very high nutritional value, rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus and other essential nutrients. Eating nuts will help deter people take the body lacks nutrition, food for winter, summer, should control the appetite.

Dinner: peanut pig mushroom soup

[] Pork absorb the flavor characteristics of mushrooms and peanut flavor, savory and delicious, if you can dip into a soy sauce with rice dishes.
[raw] recipes boneless pig cut into thick pieces, red peanuts, a few mushrooms, salt

Cooking methods []
1. Pig’s feet first over the water, about 5-8 minutes, wash with cold water.
2. red peanut had about water, about two minutes, turn off the stew for 10 minutes, drain and reserve.
3. pressure cooker method: first pig into the pressure cooker, add more than 1 times water pig, then cook until the jet, burn time 4 to 6 minutes, turn off until its natural discharge pressure, add peanuts , mushrooms.

Skills] [
1. Stew process, add a little salt can be, if water lower than during the original water level, will have to add water.
2. If you do not have a pressure cooker stew, casserole pot system can also be used. First pig into the pot, add water more than 1 times water pig, and then boil. Then boil for 20 minutes turn the fire, add peanuts, mushrooms and the fire burning for two hours or until softened pig, add a little salt and seasoning.

Nutritional benefits []
winter weather is dry, pig rich in collagen, very helpful for dry skin. With rich nutritional value of peanuts, can be described as a tonic.

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Tofu cashew shrimp chow mein

[] Taste the unique flavor characteristics, unique exotic, fresh vegetables and cashew nuts mixed with alcohol, there are enough healthy sense of Bao abdomen.
nutritional benefits []
Tofu cashew shrimp fried noodles are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and folic acid, calcium and zinc. Cashew nuts in some of the vitamins and trace elements have a good softening blood vessels, to protect the blood vessels, the prevention of cardiovascular disease is very beneficial.

Nuts, brown rice

Flavor characteristics []
Although healthy brown rice, but not very tasty, so most of the time, it is not retained at home recipes, nuts, brown rice, but the road has brought a completely different taste buds fun. When the plain brown rice with pecans, onions, parsley, basil and ginger fry, once structured and delicious.
nutritional benefits []
The biggest characteristic of brown rice contains the germ. Germ can improve immune function, promote blood circulation, people full of vitality. In addition, brown rice is also beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and anemia, can promote the proliferation of intestinal bacteria, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and colon cancer. Brown rice in vitamin B and zinc, also contribute to diabetes treatment. Coupled with the nutritional value of nuts, nuts, brown rice can be said is the best nutritional staple.

Almonds vinegar beef stew


flavor from this dish in southern Spain. Fresh beef, crispy almonds, wine vinegar, to make it popular.
nutritional benefits []
Rich in protein, amino acid composition of pork is closer than the body needs, can improve the body’s resistance to disease. Fresh beef, winter can be warm stomach, is the season of the benefit share.

Fungus jujube lotus lily

milk exposed

Flavor characteristics []
Fragrant Glutinous Rice delicious, all ages. Cook up a pot of cold summer after, poured into a container with lid, directly into the refrigerator cold, when taken out to eat, cool thirst-quenching. Winter adds to the growing effectiveness of it there is a goal of clearing the lungs.
nutritional benefits []
Lily has a Yin, lungs, cough effectiveness, lily of the most prestigious Lanzhou. Lotus higher nutritional value, Li in the