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1, treatment of hypertension

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By , March 5, 2012 5:39 pm

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kelp is a high nutritional value of vegetables. Medicine when called kelp, the In addition to kelp is rich in vitamin C, but also rich in crude protein, sugar, calcium, iron. A large number of studies have shown that kelp can be effective anti-cancer, and can cure 13 kinds of minor ailments. Teach you how to eat kelp below the best anti-cancer, cure minor ailments common in everyday life.

kelp sea salt in the salt is only 1 / 3, the calcium content of which was 32 times that of seawater. With the food in the rice, meat and sugar growing, and rice, meat is the lack of calcium acidic foods. Sugar makes the body absorb more calcium excreted faster, resulting in a lack of calcium in the body, blood tends to acidification, so prone to cancer. Regular consumption of kelp, iodine can not only increase the deterrence into, but also greatly increases the absorption of calcium. This is the anti-cancer effect of the sea with one of the reasons.

teach you how to eat kelp rule 13 kinds of common minor ailments

1, treatment of hypertension: kelp, each 150 grams of cassia seed, brown sugar, kelp and Cassia tomatoes, juice, one day, twice served.

2, treatment of constipation: Kelp 100 grams, Bozi 30 grams, Shuijianbi. Twice a day.