blood pressure 80 / 60mmHg

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Author :sumnus was not share 55 reviews( 0)copy link 1 palpationcan make up : as the diagnosis cannot be sure signs 2pulse rateless than heart rate :3increased pulse pressurepulse in a common diseases are :automatic pulse valve closed all 4 flatnarrow chest is characterized by :anteroposterior diameter less than about size of half 5 facesurprise ,eye cleft by broad ,eye ,eye look happy ,raised shining variable ,called :hyperthyroidism face 6abdominal palpationrub .
remind :tuberculous peritonitis 7flurriedgait is common in :tremor paresthesia in the 8 on theactivity of neurons lesions visible: knee tendon ortho hyperfunction in 9 the pupillary light reflexdull in the morning fan :patient 10 pupilsmaller :inorganic phosphorous poisoning is the 11atrial fibrillationin implicit for less tight pulse pulse pulse 12veryerror clinical significance is as veins in premature ventricular bigeminy is two 13Zhi Qiguanbreath sounds common pneumonia In 14 normal abdominal percussion to raise sound 15 naviculardorsal not seen in severe dehydration in 16 adult female normal hemoglobin value of 10 ~ 150g/ L 17yearsmale hemoglobin determination in general is 20 ~ 160g /L 18 hypokalemiarefers to serum potassium ion concentration is lower than 3.
5mmol /L 19 fecal occult blood testspositive E. Edible bean products is now 20bloodtest before a large number of green vegetables to prevent edible 21reticulocytewhite cells is the efficacy of reaction for blood function 22obstructive jaundice patientsof fecal samples for the white clay and 23patients were female,18 years old.
PPD experiment after 48 hours of soft node path for 15mm,the results should be judged as negative 24pupilcan appear both extended is atropine poisoning 25pupilunilateral decrease in chlorpromazine Qin poisoning 26massive hemoptysisdie rescue measures not immediately use of respiratory medicine is happy 27globalpneumonia pneumonia most characteristics of a rusty sputum sputum of 28 exogenousasthma in sera of patients with elevated IgE 29 Zhi Qiguanasthma patients living environment can be hung chemical fiber cloth curtain 30 Zhi Qiguanasthma acute ignition occurs is most commonly caused by infection factor of 31 Zhi Qiguan asthmacharacteristics of clinical said ignition occurs with wheezing breath breathing problems 32 Zhi Qiguanthe most prominent symptoms in chronic cough and expectoration temporary duplication ,33pulmonary heartdisease treatment principle is chaos for curing heart lung original ,supplemented by 34 chronicpulmonary heart disease is the most common cause of E .
Chronic obstructive emphysema in 35chronicpulmonary heart disease patients ,asthma is clear, and Jiao Zao ,in the treatment process, and should be used with caution in calm medicine ,to avoid induced pulmonary encephalopathy 36 requiredcontinuous low flow oxygen therapy patients with chronic pulmonary heart disease in 37 patients,which is suitable for postural drainage, sputum Zhi Qiguan expansion 38 ,postural drainage for collecting gas pipe expanding CHI patients 39,North Face Shoes & Boots ,letter to the lung cancer patients receiving gas pipe fiber after speculum examination ,not drinking water immediately ,to avoid aspiration pneumonia 40,global pneumonia most characteristics of sputum is rusty sputum of 41 bacterialpneumonia is the most common pathogens are pneumonia bacteria 42 conesof shock pneumonia the most prominent manifestation is blood pressure fell to 67 / 6.
7kPa( 80 / 50mmHg) of 43 treatment ofadenovirus pneumonia tail selected drug is present ,Wei Lin 44 lungsolution nuclear hemoptysis nursing amiss was the breath-holding to hemostasis in 45 PPD tuberculintest weak negative ,Women s 3 in 1Jackets,skin induration diameter should be &gt ;20mm 46tuberculin skin testresults concluded that time should be 72 hours after injectionof 47 Zhi Qiguan advanced lung cancer is expressed as irritating cough 48 unfavorableexperience drainage is respiratory failure and heart failure in 49 chronic hypoxic respiratory failure model performance is cyanosis 50chronic respiratory failureis the most common cause of Zhi Qiguan – pulmonary disease in 51 patients with rheumatic heart diseasenot matter ,since any physical activity, rest ,palpitations ,shortness of breath and tired force .
Cardiac function of IV 52physicalsedimentation of Mongolian limit ,everyday activities lead ,palpitations ,shortness of breath stop tired force ,belong to the heart to class II in 53 area before the heartis the most common cause of angina pectoris 54 cardiogenicdyspnea is typically reflected in the paroxysmal daytime respiratory difficulty 55flowof breathing difficulty the latest is a representation of a labor of 56flowof beard difficulties caused by edema is a major cause of right heart insufficiency in 57 the worst ofcardiogenic dyspnea in acute pulmonary edema in acute left heart failure in 58patient shouldtake the position as a semi-recumbent 59 right heartinsufficiency of dyspnea is because body reincarnation congestion 60most seriousexport flow breathing problems for the acute pulmonary edema of left heart 61mainsigns are connected into a pulse 62pulseowe a visible on atrial fibrillation in 63 patients the most commonin rhythm with normal implicit is 64 mostdangerous heart palpitations often is the 65most severeventricular fibrillation The rhythm is ventricular fibrillation in normal static 66mostprone to sudden death of cardiac arrhythmia is the third atrioventricular block sluggish 67 rheumaticvalvular heart disease patients with leg appropriate activity ,is designed .
Aggravate heart bear 68 rheumatologypatients complicated with arrhythmia is the longest atrial fibrillation 69 capillarytube pump static syndrome in automatic pulse valve .Closed uneven 70 soil highdigoxin intoxication the most common arrhythmia is premature ventricular beats 71 takingnitrate solution was oil slow angina is the correct way of dealing with :drugs for sublingual 72 chronicmouth muscle stem patient late death reason :true rhythm with normal 73onepatients with acute myocardial infarction, do so for second weeks ,the nurse assisted him in bed limbs passive activity ,mainly to avoid venous thrombosis of the lower extremity :a man who constitute 74 morning exercisewhen angina pectoris attacks ,namely the dew was 0.
5mg1minutesbehind nitrate oil before blackening ,nausea ,should help :SAT is recumbent 75 viral myocarditisnursing focus is :adequate rest ,Ensure the abundant nutrition 76 theabsorption sound weaken in myocarditis 77 :a primary hypertension (Part Two ) patients ,a sudden blood pressure fell to 30.
6 / 17.3Pa( 230 / 130mmHg) accompanied by intense headache ,nausea ,vomiting ,convulsions and sleepiness ,should consider :hypertensive encephalopathy 78antihypertensive drugmedication care ,correctly is position :change slowly and the 79 patient presented with hematemesis,gastric retention volume at least to remind :250~ 30080of upper gastrointestinal bleedingis the most common reason :elimination of ulcer in 81 peritoneal dialysispuncture point often pick take wing bone combined with umbilical attachment surface 82 of a twelveduodenal ulcer patients ,pain rhythm dispersion ,postprandial abdominal pain and vomiting ,vomiting for night food .
The nursing measure of fault are postprandial gastric lavage 83upper gastrointestinal hemorrhagecan occur over a few ,stool is blood test positive for 5ml 84hemorrhage of lower digestive tracthemorrhage left black instant ,the patient up to 60ml 85 is the major cause ofduodenal ulcer with Helicobacter pylori infection 86 hadclosed hematemesis and black that description ,not accurate the black will have haematemesis in 87 cirrhotic patients with ascitesdaily fluid boold volume limit is about 1000ml 88cirrhosis of the liveris the most common complication of upper digestive tract hemorrhage in 89 urinedark yellow ,shock after the foam was also more common in malignant malaria yellow Xu 90 liverunvoiced community dissipated in gastrointestinal perforation 91currentdiagnosis hepatocellular carcinoma is the best way to CT 92 hepatocellular carcinoma withsoftening of the common etiology of hepatitis B 93hepatocellular carcinomameaningful examination results of alpha-fetoprotein was positive in 94 patients with hepatic encephalopathyenema should be to prevent the use of fat white water 95 rationalencephalopathy with alkali Poisoning should be used.
The coarse arginine 96 female patient,60 years old.Because liver softening and growth of speak bleeding ,presenting words not muddy, held back normal ,for understanding and fought back ,tendon ortho base ,asterixis ,electroencephalogram .
When considering the patient in a coma from late 97do STDfor alkali poisoning agents are crude ammonia arginine 98 of blood ammonia reduction is the onset of hepatic encephalopathy machine made of ammonia ,receiving from sites in the colon .
99 Zhaoteacher ,50 years old,with liver cirrhosis, esophageal varices, ascites was admitted to the hospital for treatment .Paracentesis followed a clear understanding of, call not drunk ,but press the supraorbital nerve still have pain expression ,then the patient can in hepatic encephalopathy .
Deep morning fan 100hematuriadiagnosis standard .Urinary compound slag after 3 / HP ,Addis counts 12 hoursurinary heavy slag in 500000 . 101chronicrenal small cones arthritis cure any disease is secondary factor mediates inflammation 102not in conformity with thenephrotic syndrome and syndrome diagnosis standard is hyperglycemia in 103 children,age 4 .
Diagnosis of primary nephrotic syndrome .Adrenal glucocorticoid hormone therapy use amount ,the temporary therapies treatment for 9 months in 104 nephrotic syndrome withatypical clinical manifestations which effects on body mass proteinuria 105largestcollection of nephrotic syndrome caused by fire swollen secondary elements are dwarf egg black in 106 topyelonephritis patient education right is the practice of Ankang during the acute phase of cure after combined with low dose of drugs for prevention of 107incentivepyelonephritis patients more water in order to enhance the bacteria ,inflammatory material discharged from the 108 patients,24 years of age.
Exhaust turbid urine not muddy, urine :leukocyte modest view there is no long Xu Hei cells or type and a large number of mesothelial cells ,we should consider urinary tract stones in 109 maininfection pyelonephritis road is descending infection 110pyelonephritisregion pain was sad patients should take position as extension 111pyelonephritis most oftentreat bacteria Escherichia coli 112 in chronic renal failurepatients to correct acidosis ,at the same time to prevent the tetany should dig in 113 chronic renalfunction failure of calcium tetany occurs on the correction of acidosis complicated with acute renal function and low calcium 114exhaustis the most common cause of chronic renal small ball nephritis renal insufficiency in 115 earlymanifestations are daytime urinary quality high power 700ML 116withmoderate anemia diagnosis standard is Hb ,90G L 117 red blood cellsinto the circulation of the blood after a life of 120 days lost 118 peopleshort iron poor blood is the most common cause of chronic blood 119 in treatment ofiron deficiency anemia, oral iron is the method of liquid iron with suction tube 120 inscribes 8idiopathicthrombocytopenic purpura platelets without anemia and subcutaneous hemorrhage of 121 idiopathic thrombocytopenicpurpura treated with hormone in the treatment of 122acuteleukemia patients preferred end tip with a small amount of blood in the original blasteodinophil in 123 acute leukemia bleeding is the main reason of blood plate by 124 of the most importantbasis for the diagnosis of leukemia bone marrow as 125T3.
T4 excess syndromesymptoms do not include palpitations 126computerbasic generation rate of BMR parent type is MR = pulse rate pulse pressure ,the pathogenesis of type 1111271 diabetes is due to insufficient secretion of insulin in 128 diabetic patientsto take insulin treatment ,the most common drug reaction is hypoglycemia reaction of 129 acute complications of diabetesis the most common ketoacidosis 130DiabetesFoundation Treatment Measures of dietary restraint 131potassium declineseen in use of insulin at 132 dietary treatmentfor diabetes mellitus patients basic treatment is 133andsystemic lupus erythematosus .
Disease related factors are the sun shine in 134 rheumatoid arthritis patients will not have butterfly erythema 135dryarthritis patient anti-inflammatory analgesics used aspirin 136 rheumatoid arthritisis the earliest clinical there is joint pain 137 byitself as disease caused by the disease rheumatoid arthritis 138oldpeople night quiet sleep prone cerebral thrombosis is due to blood dilute flow slow 139 cerebral hemorrhageis the most common cause of arterial stiffness in hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage in 140the most seen ininternal capsule 141subarachnoid hemorrhageis the most common cause of brain blood vessels of normal 142epilepsyweak direct clonic seizures is not to press out of body ,to prevent the occurrence of fracture in 143 maintain extracellularfluid infiltration osmotic pressure of major cations is Na 144 blood potassiumrange of normal values of 3.
5 ~ 5.5mmol / L 146 abnormalpeople every night liquid general physiological need amount was 2000 ~ 147 2500mlhypokalemia electrocardiographic features is the U wave 148Give blood potassium deficiency patients arterial injection of calcium gluconate 10%important goals of contend with potassium on myocardial restraining 149intravenous potassiumnursing first important is the amount of urine per hour above 30ml supply around 150 venousdig potassium ,potassium chloride concentration in general should be lower than 0.
3%151 healwas bloody Qi Ke basic approach is expand blood volume 152 Qi Kein patients with partial temperature reduction ,difficult to cause the primary organ of short oxygen 153central venous pressure( CVP ) refers to the right atrium and pleural cavity venous pressure 154 hasrestrained glandular secretion ,prevent fans from neural happy anesthesia premedication is atropine 155 nursinganesthesia has come to the patient ,the most important is to maintain the patency of the airway 156spinal anesthesiaafter 6 ~ 8hours shouldtake the position as to pillow Chek recumbent 157withmorphine analgesia ,to observe the main reaction is respiratory depression 158organfailure is the most common pulmonary net 159forARDS diagnosis and condition that is important reflect Blood gas analysis of 160 acuterenal and exhaust in patients with oliguric phase ,the most serious electrical quantity chaos is hyperkalemia in 161cardiac singleSu drugs of choice are kidney gland hormone 162 cardiac resuscitationdrugs preferred injection way is intravenous injections of 163 cardiac arrests save for adhering to the respiratory tract through lag ,should be selected anthropometry is ordinary sitting head bent, carotid body 164chest compressionsof the site is the lower sternal 165cerebral resuscitation,intravenous infusion of 250mlwas alcohol containing the time should be 15 ~ 30 minutes166tolimit operation is food for cancer resection in 167 patientswith foot patrol sweeps nurse nurse to be done farming as cavity open filed before checking devices dressing 168 neatanesthesia operation for the patient to wake up ,the most suitable position is supine head piece of side 169 late postoperativemotor function does not include the prevention of postoperative bleeding in 170malnourisheddisease fruit contains no anemia in 171 male,60 years old,suffering from 1 weeks oflip carbuncle ,swelling clear .
1 days before onset of coma with cold ,conjunctival congestion and edema ,eye highlights .$ patients carbuncle lip complication is cavernous venous sinusitis 172causefuruncle ,carbuncle is the most common pathogen is Staphylococcus aureus cells bacteria 173contagioushard tissue pyogenic infection is erysipelas 174 tips forsystemic infection in severe test result is low leukocyte counts in 175about thevertical wound majestic narrative not the right is wound exudates evil smell 176 patient male,46 years old.
Because the foot top after stabbing systemic muscle force expansion ,paroxysmal spasm ,a diagnosis of tetanus .And control spasm related nursing measures are the 177standcold patients using the damaged majesty antitoxic blood mixed with target of neutralizing stroll away toxins 178 bluntinjury in the early processing cold compress for 179 belong to theclosing of harm is crush injury 180belong to theclosing of harm is explosive injury in 181children,age 5 .
Single upper extremity burned ,burned in the plot for the 18% 182children,age 6 .Single upper extremity burn ,scald ,the plot for the 40% 183patient male,30 years old.Large area burn for 6 hours ,to receive the way transfusion 1000ml .
After discharge monitoring of CVP ( central venous pressure ) 4cmH2O( 0.39kPa) ,blood pressure 80 / 60mmHg( 67 / 8kPa) ,urine 20ml/ h ,cold limbs ,shortness of breath ,the blood volume of less than 184 of deep partial-thicknessburn wound characteristics, contains no hurt the skin 185 palewith second degree burn injury light degree to the real skin deep ,annex residue 186 withmalignant tumor usually is late pain 187 belongs tobenign tumor pathological features of cell differentiation of naive 188diagnosis of tumors ofthe most reliable examination is a pathology review 189on chemotherapy patientsperform maintenance of sexual isolation ,is to prevent contamination of 190 malignanttumor patients during chemotherapy, white cells fall to 3 X 109/ L,handling should be stopped in 191tumor patients with chemotherapyor a treatment period, the main observation item class are a routine blood test 192Huopayment syndrome is due to a necking sympathetic Cong Meng pressure 193 after subtotal thyroidectomyemergence has hoarse causes laryngeal nerve injury in 194 thyroidanti Hyperthyroidism in patients before operation ,to overcome the free thyroxine ,and the gland is reduced to soften ,commonly used drugs in 195 patients with acute mastitis,breast swelling shrinkage is the last symptoms ,pain caused by 196 acute mastitisis the main cause of 197 breast cancer patients presenting with a dimple protrusion is the cause of cancer invasion and Cooper ligament 198 mammarylymph the main road is the transfer of ipsilateral axillary lymph node 199 urethralinfection diagnosis significance help reflect .
Urine cultivation and bacteria in reducing counting 200abdominal external herniais a major cause of abdominal wall with thin or injury in 201 postoperativetake semi-recumbent, cannot be used for subtotal thyroidectomy after 202 herniamended postoperative care ,is the partner wounds do not pollute 203 acute peritonitismarked signs are abdominal tenderness ,rebound tenderness and abdominal muscle loose pieces of 204 typicalsymptoms of acute peritonitis is peritoneal irritation sign 205revealedinflammatory spent and the parietal peritoneum is abdominal rebounding pain 206Diagnosis of abdominal visceral injury .
The essence of the abdominal cavity and spines are not based on the coagulation of blood 207diagnosisof gastrointestinal rupture meaningful examination is the X-ray shows subdiaphragmatic around gas 208severe vomitingand vomiting small disease is pyloric obstruction 209gastric perforationpuncture extract is the nature of yellow ,turbid fragrance free 210.
Perforation of gastric ulcer pain nature is the continuity of the knife like pain pain 211 for diagnosis of gastric cancerhas important value for the examination of methods is the fiber gastroscope in 212 nursing late after resection of head of the patient ,commanded the late check bed movement ,mainly to avoid intestinal adhesion in 213 men,Moncler Womens Vests 2011 ,40 years old,after appendectomy intestinal obstruction due to adhesions ,periumbilical paroxysmal pain 2 days ,accompanied with nausea and vomiting is often less obvious ,urine ,thirst .
Physical examination: the pulse of 96 beats / min,blood pressure 100 / 700mmHg,abdominal distension is not significant ,odd to see intestinal type ,umbilical right light tenderness ,bowel sound hyperaction .
Use of fasting ,gastrointestinal decompression ,infusion and antibiotic use non operation treatment of $ correct dehydration first fluid output is balanced solution, 214 male,40 years old,go head resection after episodes of intestinal obstruction due to adhesions ,periumbilical paroxysmal pain was sad 2 ,with good vomiting more frequently ,oliguria ,thirsty significantly .
Check :96main / subpulse ,blood pressure 100 / 700mmHg,abdominal retractor is not obvious ,the odd see intestinal type ,umbilical left are deep tenderness ,gurgling sound base in .Use of fasting ,gastrointestinal decompression ,the use of antibiotics is win solution and operation is the main treatment of $ operation treatment nursing measures are effective .
Maintain gastrointestinal decompression in 215 female ,40 yearsafter resection of head ,Lang produced adhesive intestinal obstruction, periumbilical paroxysmal pain was sad 2 ,with good vomiting more times, urinary long ,thirsty manifest .
Check :96main / subpulse ,blood pressure 100 / 700mmHg,abdominal retractor is not significant ,odd to see intestinal type ,umbilical left is without sinking tenderness ,gurgling sound base in .
Take the fasting ,gastrointestinal decompression ,won by antibiotic C is fluid and operation cure $ in gastrointestinal pressure is the most important indications are in the exhaust 216 requiredurgent operation of intestinal obstruction is acute volvulus in 217 easy to occurrelatively narrow ileus intestinal torsion 218colorectal cancerblood transfer the most common for people is the 219most commonhepatic colorectal metastasis lymph node metastasis in 220 patients with road is female ,60 years old.
The number of defecation wow ,small appearance with blood for 3 months .Tail selected review is a digital rectal examination in the margin of more than 221according to10cmrectal cancer ,can choose B.
Abdominoperineal resection of rectal cancer ( Dixon operation ) 222in thefistula are the common causes of D in pipe around the abscess 223 avoiddoing digital rectal examination of the disease is C.
In the wild in the door crack 224nursing,fault D. Wild in the bag for temporary use 225did not fit in withportal hypertension pathological change is E. The central venous pressure high 226arterialhypertension postoperative care ,fault is B.
The preoperative routine placed gastric tube 227portal hypertensionis the most common cause is A. Hepatitis after liver softening 228 portal hypertensionoperation treatment for main purpose is E.
The attack line of upper digestive tract hemorrhage in 229 doorarterial hypertension most heavy and disease is A. Food and gastric parietal venous rupture of hepatocellular carcinoma in Gao population straight Chi 230censusmethod is A.
Alpha fetal protein detection and B-mode ultrasonography of primary liver cancer in the early 231common manifestations are D. Liver area pain 232.Charcot triad found in C. Acute biliary tube in 233 secondary common bileand stone originated in A.
234Huigallbladder biliary disease clinical feature is E subxiphoid drill bottom 235Ttube drainage and biliary colic abdominal drainage nursing is the difference between the D and front clamping pipe inspection plug 1~ 2days 236about shaped tube nursing ,error is E.
Timing flushing 237 male,40 years old,after biliary tract operation ,type T tube drainage is not 2 weeks,before inserting pipe clamp pipe for 1~ 2 days,should note the content is B ,have a fever ,jaundice in 238 chronicabdominal pain pancreatitis patients fasting or gastrointestinal pressure goal is D.
Prevent the stimulation of secretion of pancreatic digestive enzymes of 239 acute pancreatitis is the most common cause of biliary obstruction in 240 C.Some patients with cholelithiasis ,eating after upper abdominal cramping ,intense and continuous ,letter to the occurrence of acute pancreatitis .
The most valuable examination is D. Blood amylase measurement 241pancreatic head carcinomamodel performance is A. Only relieve jaundice of 242surgical abdomen patientshave been diagnosed before should strictly implement the four forbidden ,which does not include the D.
Can pull the gastric tube 243 causethrombosis and inflammation of veins fort that produces the most main elements are A. Smoking 244increased intracranial pressure in patients withaccurate position is C.
The bed down 15degrees to 30 degrees245 extracranialpress Delete three very headache ,vomiting ,C papilledema 246abovewhich lumbar removal of sting operation to nursing mistakes C. Intracranial pressure higher drinking water in 247 acute brain attack the primary treatment is C.
Venous output hypertonic dehydration agent 248 braindo damage pupillary changes special punctuality is C. Bilateral pupil size changeable 249without special treatmentof brain injury is A.
The concussion of the brain in 250 concluded thatrenal function the easiest way is B. Urine specific gravity measurement 251oliguriarefers to 24 less than251hoursurine oliguria is A 24 hour urinary volumeless than B.
400ml 252 after thoracic trauma,chest wall sclerosis is more common in D. Adjacent rib multiple fracture of 253 open pneumothoraxemergency save should first E blockade wound 254 closedpleural cavity drainage ,drainage pipe from being separated from the first ,should E after using hand to pinch pine .
Drainage around the mouth of 255foodmanagement model of skin cancer symptoms are E. Sexual stimulation problem 256 foodand cancer early performance is A. Soak Terrier spit 257Chinafor census early food for cancer circle method is E.
Food web and shedding cells examined 258wassnow urine to remind the lesion site in E .After urethra in 259 patient male,30 years old.After recurrence of intense activity ,the right flank pain, hematuria accompanied with nausea and vomiting, then appears ,check the body right waist percussion pain ,then you are the Mandimantian upset ,without muscle relaxants ,should consider C .
Kidney ,urinary system stone won 260 urinarycalculus easy solution of pathophysiological changes caused A. Urethral obstruction and infection of 261 fracturesite emergency ,companion to the B and opening fracture should be hidden field unit 262 bonediagnosis essential examination method is D .
X 263constrictivefracture is common in C. Vertebral fracture in 264 jointsdislocation without signs of C bo .Elastic flow 265ofgenital organ does not contain the D near .Longitudinal colon 266 maintainuterine anteversion position mainly ligament is a ligament side 267Aandrogen physiology function for D.
Make vaginal epithelial hyperplasia of keratinization, acidity adds 268 ovarianendocrine function in the most flourishing era called C .Sexually naive period 269 ovulationoccurs generally in the menstrual cramps before C .
14 days left after 270 servantpalace membrane by puncturing period into and secretion of early bowel C B .Pregnancy induced C 271 progesteronephysiological function ,the right is A. The endometrium into secretory endometrium 272progesteronephysiological functions ,accurate is A.
The endometrial secretory phase shift is 273 makesappearance of the endometrium hyperplasia period changes of hormones is B .Placental hormone androgen 274decompositiondoes not include D .
Adrenal cortex hormones of 275 normal term pregnancyamniotic fluid volume is about D ,1000ml 276B ultrasoundexamination showed the earliest gestational ring time is pregnant D .In 5 week 277B ultrasoundexamination showed that fetal heart beat the latest time is pregnant A.
8 week 278discriminantfetal naive degrees more reliable method is C. Sheep fire review 279normal fetal movementevery hour number is B.3 ~5280deliveryform of the lower uterine segment is D.
Female palace isthmus 281does not belong tothe first stage of labor clinical representation for E. Bow to dial only produced ,containing 282 fetal headconnecting time common in A. The pre-production phase before the 1 ~ 2week 283after delivery of fetusfirst treatment is B.
The liquidation of respiratory tract 284 forparturient reliable signs of vaginal secretions of 285 nonB bloody parity pregnancy are the most common site is B .Fallopian tube 286ectopic pregnancy diagnosisimportant help to check for E.
Yang said the posterior fornix and thorn 287 beforeplacental diagnosis defeated sitting week of pregnancy pregnancy C .28 weeks after 288 gestationalopen parallel net production and delivery ,disease ,is rendered fetal female suffering ,its reason is C ,Canada Goose Trillium Parka .
Female body oxygen dew amount to less than 289 of heart disease is a major cause of maternal death in D .Heart to failure in 290 postpartum hemorrhageis the most common cause of D. Gong Shen tired of 291 fetal deliveryoccurs when the vaginal hemorrhage should be C.
Check hard birth canal 292 gynecologic examination,should help the patient to take E. Bladder lithotomy position 293about questioninggynecologic history narrative, is the partner of A. Continued after patients without questioning menstrual history 294trichomonas vaginitisdirect spread road does not include A.
Connection of 295againsttrichomonas vaginitis spread measures ,the right is C ,examination is a towel 296choriocarcinomapatients chemotherapy medication plan primarily on the basis of B .
Weight 297 for gynecologicalpatients after operation ,nursing measures is the partner D. Subarachnoid anesthesia ,to supine pillow 6 hours298 forprevention of cervical cancer ,generally over the age of 30 women scheduled for gynecological census frequency for A.
1 ~ 2 times / year299 forcervical cancer screening cervical scraping is E. Teaching reflection of 300 celldiagnosis of leiomyoma of the uterus is most commonly used to help A. B ultrasound examination on early diagnosis of endometrial carcinoma 301circle methodis E ,segmented diagnostic curettage pathological examination of 302 ,endometrial parity most common site is the E ovarian 303 femaleprolapse of uterus of 2 degrees B ,neck of uterus vagina mouth ,but Palace in 304uterine prolapsevagina ,1 degreelight A ,uterine cervical orifice hymen edge distance of < 4 cm 305,hide hide pregnancy pregnant medicine principle is A ,anovulatory 306,placed IUD complication is B ,perforation of uterus 307 incompatibleYang Tao lavage situation is B ,postpartum 3day308,Yang will be tangent to the time for postoperative wound .
C5 on day 309,Ankang children fat supply energy for energy E50% 310 ,question 1,pediatric ,not equal to the amount of the spring and Autumn period E12 at age 311,children born of epigenetic less development speed fast times B ,infancy 312,pediatric head and bust two almost equal age is D12 313 monthsnormal children before the halide closed months is B12 to 18 months314,9 years old child,developmentally normal ,daily water demand for B125 withoutdescending / kg 315,with female breast milk is comparative ,with D ,ore material many 316,normal baby ,weighing 5 kg ,take wild flocks ,daily required 8%sugar milk volume should be C500 to 550317,hepatitis B vaccine was hand in class in the spring and autumn is the A ,born 1 days 318,old son ward room temperature should be in the C22 C to 24319,the most commonly used in pediatric dosage calculation D ,calculated according to body weight of newborn birth weight drops 320,perceptual category general uniform for C .
6% to 9%: 321 ,the old beget sons and perceptual jaundice appeared on B after birth ,2 to3to322newfemale cold harm top billing white line is A ,gradually rewarming ,follow the prescribed order 323,newborn cold injury syndrome ,soft swelling finally emerging site is B.
The lower limb in 324 infantile malnutritioncauses does not include C. Food cellulose too little 325malnutrition is mainlybecause the body lacks E. Calories and protein 326 ricketsearly are the major clinical manifestations of D neural energy 327 symptomaticrickets most rare diseases because of lack of C.
Vitamin D 328 childrenare susceptible to vitamin D lack of rickets is caused by E. Born development tachycardia in 329children withoral thrush should choose the cleaning solution is C.2% sodium bicarbonate 330causeof pediatric diarrhea is the most common cause of infection in infant daughter A.
331spring and summerdiarrhea of the rare disease ontology is B rotavirus diarrhea treated with oral liquid 332diggingsalt useful in light ,moderate and C. Water 333 belongs toisotonic solution is E.
0.9 sodium chloride solution in 334infantile diarrheapotassium principle which one of the following error E .It can delay in children with intravenous bolus injection of 335 3years oldchildren with acute upper respiratory tract infection .
A temperature of 38 degrees C,loss of appetite ,as for all offer diet is B semiliquid diet 336children,7 years old,have a fever ,cough ,expectoration of sputum viscosity of dilute ,6 days,not expectorate .
Check the body :body temperature 37.5 degree ,24 breaths/ min, auscultation of the lungs with a small amount of moist rales .Which of the following is the most appropriate nursing measures E.
Ultrasonic atomizing inhalation, maintain respiratory tract through lag 337related pediatricpneumonia nursing interventions ,inappropriate D. Asthmatic heavier calm prostrate 338measuringpediatric blood pressure ,blood pressure cuff width for upper arm length E.
2 / 3339 complex mobilitymodel after the nature of heart net disease is E. Pulmonary vein narrow 340first nature of heart diseasechildren restoration of cardiac function important nursing measures is A.
Pay attention to rest, to ensure that sleep 341 rightback to right shunt congenital heart defects is D tetralogy of Fallot 342 takingferrous sulfate can all occur reaction is A. Black 343 children,at the age of 2.
Diagnosis of nutrient of short iron anemia ,requiring oral iron therapy. Nurses on patients with wild prospect row taking iron directions, wherein the bad C. And milk taken at the same time, the iron receiving 344question2:in children with iron deficiency anemia hemogram characteristic is D.
White blood cell volume the 345 question2:nutrient of gigantic long cell poor blood important remedy B. Remove Etiology ,compensate for folic acid drink B12 346 infants are mostcommon anemia is D.
Nutritional iron deficiency anemia in 347 nutritional iron deficiency anemiais the most common cause of iron deficiency in 348 Aboold were male ,5 months.Weight 7.5kg,goat feeding, no reduction of food supplement .
Far to wild little invention with sallow complexion ,expression ,don ,don ,less dynamic ,children can be E. Giant long cells of poor blood 349 children,age 4 .Due to acute renal small

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