Four 、beautyof Yuan Dynasty

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Welcome all major hotels 、hotel、units、individualgroups of group purchase .Price concessions :clickhere to inquire the price to buy 10cattiessend a catty (postagesymbolic charge 8yuanover20kg2kg)sendfree delivery fee 。Becausedemand more brisk 、ironstick yam price may rise at any time 、pleaseyou to buy Oh .
Above discounts only offer 3days.Pleasenot miss good opportunity .Please contact QQ :85672008mobilephone (MR)advisorydetails 。Ironstick yam express full 20cattiesbyRegion :Henan、Hebei、Shanghai、Beijing、Zhejiang、Tianjin、Jiangsu、Guangdong、Anhui、Shaanxi、Hubei、Hunan、inShandong 、Shanxi.
(otherareas separately postage )。Payment:supportthe Agricultural Bank Construction Bank 、postal、bankand other direct remittance 、supportta0ba0 、Baiduhas ah trading 。Tongsouwuqi.Express ways :HuaiqingTang express fee is the lowest .
The default use of the pass 、rhymereaches express delivery express、cannot to reach areas using EMS .Warning :ironstick yam for selling fake rampant 、sonow 、alot of Shandong 、Shanxito cultivate yam Dioscorea opposita become as goods 、pleasebuy for origin 、HenanJiaozuo Wenxian County .
The Huaiqing Tang to provide you with the most Pure iron stick yam 、ifauthentic payment 、of3timesthe refund 、yamand keep your own .Above and below are the most authentic of the iron stick yam (loessialsoil planting 、yamspecies need )ourplanting small loessial soil iron stick yam is only 8acres、andimmediately sold out 、pleasebuy it now 、tastethe best iron stick yam quality 。Aboveand below is the iron stick yam (sandplant )chairmanvisits Wenxian County iron stick yam production base study .
CCTV-2 roadof healthin 20072008twotimesthe iron stick yam as feature film publicity for its unique health care function 。TheHuaiqing Tang iron stick yam cultivation base picture 、youcan be more understanding of iron stick yam .
Above this picture is this morning to the country goods .This is an invoice 、generallyuse the middle through express delivery 、EMSiron stick yam Wenxian County ancient genus Huaiqing house 、locatedin the northwest of Henan 、theYellow River to the south 、northdepends on Taihang 、Yanduty 、makehere beautiful scenery 、outstandingpeople 、richproducts .
Here is popular around the world Taijiquan birthplace 、thefamous four Huaiyao (Dioscoreaopposita 、Rehmanniaglutinosa 、Huaichrysanthemum 、Achyranthesbidentata Blume )origin.Chinese yam is &quot ;fourHuaiyao &qu Ot ;inthe first 、itis the homology of medicine and food products 。Chineseyam Dioscorea opposita is the best &quot ;"、havethe history of the Royal tribute 、thefour seasons is edible 、theages of tonic 。94yearswon the Panama International Fair gold medal .
Best-selling South Korea 、Japan、Singapore、theUnited States 、Germanyand other places 、renownedat home and abroad .Iron stick yam has been Jiaozuo for the country of origin protection products of origin for the Jiaozuo !accordingto the Chinese Academy of sciences laboratory analysis results show 、ironstick yam is rich in 16%starch 、mucilaginousglycoprotein 、choline、vitaminC 、mannan;alsocontaining glutamic acid 、alanine、tyrosineand other 18kindsof amino acidsand iron 、calcium、zinc、phosphorescence、manganese、cobalt、copperand so on more than ten kinds of trace elements in Dioscorea opposita 。Efficacy:A、BuzhongYiqi :ironstick yam is rich in 18kindsof amino acids andmore than 10kindsof trace elements 、andother minerals 、sostrengthening the spleen and stomach 、nourishingthe lung and kidney 、spleentonic 、BuzhongYiqi Gushen 、Yijing、YiXinan God Li Shizhen effect 、compendiumof Materia Medica in &quot ;spleentonic 、nourishingfine solid renal 、cureall diseases treatment、andgeneral debility &quot ;said.
two 、diabetesfluid :theyam has the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of diabetes :diabetes(diabetesmellitus )atthe virtual work We often have yam single use 、orwith other drugs 、theeffect is better .
Three 、healthcare :thefresh yam is rich in vitamins 、aminoacids and minerals 、canprevent human body abnormal lipid metabolism 、andatherosclerosis 、tomaintain normal insulin function to a certain extent 、hasenhanced the human body immunity 、YiXin 、Ningcough and asthma 、anti-agingand other health effects .
Four 、beautyof Yuan Dynasty :thespleen and stomach expert Li Jing said :"treatdry skin it run 。"LiShizhen wrote :"yamcan run fur 。"yamto nourish the skin 、fitnessbeauty has a unique effect .
Five 、specialpharmacological features :yamin copper ion and connective tissues of the human body development of gr eathelp 、onblood vessels system diseases have a significant effect 、ironstick yam in calcium 、ontendon loss of bone 、osteoporosis、toothloss has high curative effect on diabetes 、hepatitis、frostbite、diarrhea、enuresis、children、babyindigestion 、ulcerativestomatitis 、pulmonarytuberculosis the women leukorrhea 、suchpatients also have very good effect 、usedfor a long time can have good ears and eyes 、prolonglife 。WenxianCounty yam is a multicast Ya ear 、firstdue to Wenxian County unique soil 、water、climateand other natural Conditions suitable for Yam Varieties growth 、asin other areas 、theproperty is under the texture 、virtual、frivolous、ribbedefficacy 、isvery small 、foodis boring 、andthe pot boiling is rotten 。Fromancient to modern times 、wereconsidered Wenxian County yam superior treasures .
Domestic and foreign clinical studies confirm the Chinese yam nourishing fitness 、delayingsenility .Prevention a ndtreatment of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease 、braintonic 、reducingblood sugar 、diabetes。Yamedible and medicine 、officinalvalue is very high 、clinicaltreatment for more than 200kindsof diseases .
Six 、thin、breastiron stick yam is a kind of ideal body weight loss food 、isa kind of high nutritional value low 、caloriefood 、cansafely add cooking without fat any menace from the 、butalso for the ladies and the efficacy of breast !Ironstick yam for women 、itcontains enough fiber 、edibleproduces raise feeling 、therebycontrolling the desire to eat 、isa natural slimming food 。Secondly、yamitself is a kind of high nutrition 、lowcalorie foods 、cansafely add cooking without fat any menace from the .
Seven 、spleen、tonifyingkidney CCTV2 RoadHealthInterview Beijing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Professor Wang Guowei praised :"yamcan fill the congenital This can make the day after tomorrow 、onchildren anorexia 、emaciationwith sallow complexion 、stuntingwith good efficacy 、nowthe children eat cold drink too much 、willhurt the delicate taste 、andchildren spleen and stomach are not fully developed 、yamon young children have excellent spleen and stomach function &quot ;。Ironstick yam is a really suitable for the whole family for men and women 、oldand young edible health Jiapin .
Iron stick yam suitable crowd 1digestivehypofunction、orsuffering from a gastrointestinal disease leading to the digestion and absorption of ordinary food difficult 。2needtoenhance physical fitness 、improveimmune function 、andcalcium supplement 、strongbone dental professionals .
3toimprovememory 、preventcoronary heart disease 、obesity、fattyliver disease 、seniledementia symptom .4needto increaseskin elasticity and moisture 、keepskin smooth and moist female .5needtoadd a variety of vitamins and iron 、zinc、copperlady 、men、childrenand adolescents.
6dieters.Usageand dosage wash peeled and cut into segments 、steamed、boiled、fried、stewed、maybe 、dailyconsumption of 150-200g、onthe human body has high health care and curing disease 。

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