The harm of hair coloring, hope the woman not to dye!!

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Withthe continuous improvement of quality of life ,the appearance of more and more attention by the people ,walked in on the high streets and back lanes is not difficult to find ,especially dyed hair coloring hair color has become a fashionable consumption .
According to the demands of consumers ,can be dyed many colors :red ,purple grape beautiful wine red ,etc. .Hair coloring to pretty ,but ,you know this beautiful behind to have the big harm ?One ,the oxidizing agent is an important part of the hair coloring agent ,its hair keratin of great destructive power ,easy on the hair damage ,often use the hair dry ,brittle hair ,split ends ,easy to fall off .
Secondly ,the majority of the use of permanent hair coloring agent of aniline dye intermediates ,the irritation and toxicity in cosmetics raw materials is higher .No wonder some people hair coloring hair ,ear periphery ,head skin allergies ,or dizziness ,nausea and other symptoms .
Thirdly ,hair coloring agent consists of two components, when using, they mix and onto your hair , blending moment happened to reaction ,to produce a high concentration of harmful gas – two pharynx .
Two pharynx is health organization recognized as a strong carcinogen ,it enters the body through the respiratory tract ,and in muscle of long stay difficult to decompose ,the interference of human endocrine ,female hormone and thyroid hormone are subject to interference ,prolonged exposure will cause human genetic variation deformity ,induced by cancer and other diseases .
Therefore ,pregnancy and pregnant women ready to hair coloring is a science .Both ,then defense .How to maximize the away from these hazards ?First ,consumers try to choose those ventilated environment good salon; second ,the purchase of hair coloring products should choose well-known formal product manufacturers ,check whether the product has the standard Chinese characters marking products name ,composition ,use ,production date ,valid period ,net content ,origin ,production unit name ,address ,telephone and other .
Light ( Beijing) ,chapter (Zhejiang ) ,marked the United States ( Guangzhou) ,Shu and hair ( Shanghai) ,modern ( Shunde) ,part of trademarks products are the State Administration of quality inspection and spot checks of qualified and recommend the use of the product .
Third hair coloring ,after deep nursing is the key to oil .Shampoo is just cleaning the hair and head skin clean and healthy ;conditioner for hair provides daily nourishment and play a moisturizing effect ;and often oil can make hair gets deep nourish and care .
It is best done once a week .Health and beauty ,shoot two hawks with one arrow ,would it not be better .Hair can not only to the head warm, also has the protective function ,now bear the foil faces and the role of beauty .
Therefore ,many people have spent a Kung Fu in the hair make a fuss ,let oneself more attract sb. .Perm hair coloring ,is this one of the most popular ,the most fashionable representative .
Currently there are many beautiful young lady ,like to make my hair winding that popular ,many young men dyed her hair to be riotous with colour that fashion ,the elderly white hair black in young .
But the generation of natural hair ,perm in hair coloring process, will be what kind of impact ?Perm hair coloring of hair and body have what harm ?Understand our hair is horny protein amino acids which are connected by a series of .
This molecule is a long chain of amino acids ,which is a link .The hair is more of an amino acid, called cysteine .Inserted in different parts of the 2.5cysteine,with sparse ??s bridge bond together ,forming a cystine .
These cysteine is very similar to a rising small springs ,so that the hair has a certain shape and elasticity .Perm principle and harm for Marcel potion of ammonium in matte acid (alkaline) through the hair cuticle layer into the cortical layers ,change the hair protein chain structure and the formation of hair ,perm is generally the first to use the reduction of chemical medicine to unpick cystine small springs, making cystine sparse ??s bridge bond breaking ,become the 2.
5 cysteine.At this time, the hair is loose from the amino acid chain ,along with others ,disc into a waveform .Then rub a fixing agent ,to disconnect a small spring of cysteine in the nearest two two combination ,the formation of new spring ,the hair fixed .
Perm process, medicine in the alkaline composition and oxidation ,will cause the hair surface scales were destroyed .The internal structure of the hair in no protection, will make the internal moisture and nutrients loss ,harmful to the hair ,scalp and hair follicles ,more or less to make hair keratin protein denaturation, make hair easy to yellow ,brittle hair ,no gloss ,no flexibility .
The expert thinks ,perm not too frequently ,one year should not exceed four ;pregnant women Marcel can affect fetal health ,not perm ;little girl delicate perm easy broken scalp ,scalp ,scalp infection bacteria ;dry ,but not often perm .
At present the domestic and foreign market sales of perm agent using mercaptoacetic acid substances as a function of composition ,same existence safety hidden danger .Allegedly ,we will stay in after a difficult to wash off odor ,also with the thioglycolic acid substances on .
Thiol acetic acid perms security problem has been more attention ,some studies suggest that ,it not only has the irritant ,allergic ,and possible damage to the hematopoietic system ,more serious will induce bladder cancer ,breast cancer ,lymph cancer ,leukemia and other diseases .
Hair coloring principle and harm hair coloring with dye paste is the basic component of the hair cuticle layer open ( hair scales on the open case of alkali ) ,artificial colors into the hair cortex ,and the natural pigment in a portion of the combined ,form the desired color .
When Rangao hair coloring of ammonia ,the hair cuticle layer has the very strong destructive effect ,if the conservation of the wrong words will cause hair shedding scales ,moisture loss ,from rough burr ,lack luster no flexibility .
Dyed hair is not shiny or color it difficult to maintain that many people .The expert reminds ,dyed hair and no matter what kind of hair coloring agent or its products ,are generally toxic aromatic chemicals, long-term use may damage the hematopoietic system of the body ,or to pregnant women of fetal malformations ,the light will also lead to dermatitis ,skin irritation ,itching ,ulceration .
In order to health ,to minimize the hair coloring or hair coloring ,nature is beautiful .Many people for hair coloring and perm chemical syrup allergic reactions ,such as rash ,dizziness ,and even skin irritation .
Therefore, special attention should be paid to prevent the allergic phenomenon ,can first try a little bit on the skin ,such as swelling allergies ,do not perm .According to introduction ,the current market sales of hair coloring agent containing two mostly on benzene amine have poisoned the learning material ,if the chronic exposure of the body to absorb hair coloring agent ,easily lead to benzene organic substances through the scalp into capillary blood vessels ,with the blood circulation to the bone marrow ,the long-term effect of repeated can make liver malignant cells, leading to leukemia occurrence .
In addition ,if the hair coloring the skin ulceration ,resulting in not healing ,can also cause skin squamous cell carcinoma .Therefore ,the public should be as little as possible hair coloring ,in addition ,to skin allergies ,skin ulceration ( especially the head skin ) people ,not hair coloring ,perm .
Suffering from hypertension ,heart disease ,asthma and other diseases in patients unfit for hair coloring .Often dyed hair? Hair coloring is now many young people as a fashion trend ,in the streets everywhere, yellow hair ,red hair ,and even some offbeat friends dyed his hair white hair ,but whether we know ,hair coloring against what ?In hair coloring process ,hair coloring agent for our hair has what harm ?Below small make up to give you a detailed introduction! If everyone in the hair to a prior ,often dyed hair ,that everyone health consciousness has initially formed .
For our fragile hair, often hair coloring is once again destroyed, when the hair can this devastated when, hair loss will appear !Often dyed hair good ?Have a look first hair coloring agent composition :hair coloring agent has nearly 10 kinds of chemicals, after in vivo accumulation effect can cause human body cell DNA damage ,caused by the mutant cells, cause skin cancer ,bladder cancer ,leukemia and other diseases .
In addition ,some hair coloring agent containing lead in the lead content of household paints ,pigments 5~ 10 times.Lead into the human body ,it is difficult to be eliminated from the body ,it can cause poisoning ,dizziness ,headache ,the languid ,numbness of limbs and a series of lead poisoning .
Lead can damage the liver ,kidney ,brain and other organ functions ,serious when can cause the loss of consciousness or athletic ability often hair coloring !Okay? I think this problem is forgotten ,because now the hair coloring has become a fashion ,the hair coloring for public hazard has been flooded and hair coloring trend !Products regardless of brand or not, which contains effective hair coloring composition is similar, the occurrence of side effects and naturally differ without number .
In these side effects ,hair coloring dermatitis is the most common, it is a kind of contact dermatitis .The occurrence of this dermatitis ,light appears inflamed skin itchy rash ,heavy ,anaphylaxis, a life-threatening .
This is mainly for hair coloring agent in the chemicals especially benzene two amine to produce an allergic reaction .Currently on the market for nearly 90% of the hair coloring agents contain benzene two amines and other toxic chemicals .
Benzene two amine is a strong allergic substances, with hair in combined into complete antigen protein ,resulting in hair coloring the occurrence of dermatitis .See here you feel good often hair coloring ?But beauty is human common pursuit ,hair coloring can bring image change is the fact that does not dispute ,in order to be able to be dyed hair often do this problem presents a more thorough ,we focused on hair coloring phenomenon of the increasingly common phenomenon ,strongly recommend even hair coloring ,also want to pay attention to healthy hair coloring .

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