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Tieguanyin is a profound identification of the curb to ask, Anxi tea master and the old well-known concept of farmers can identify smells shaped tea pros and cons, even the higher Daoxing product off the tea is grown and where any village, Ji was born in tea, features He who can highlight the taste of tea from the hands of teachers.
shape: fat cord, was round dragonfly head, heavy, hard heart sticks, branches skin neat, most of the dorsal leaf curl, color black, oily, green sand obviously (the new process, Most have removed the red trim).

ER: lasting aroma, clear phonology, with orchid fragrance or taste of raw peanuts, coconut and other scent; tea golden, orange, mellow taste of fresh Gan, slightly honey taste, heavy and mellow sweet.

Securinega: branches round the body, stem skin bright red, petiole width hypertrophy (palm leaf pedicle), leaf hypertrophy of soft light, wavy leaves appear before, The core characteristics: dry tea heavy, dark green color; obvious rhyme tea Hong, very level and thickness; assessment Securinega be hypertrophy of soft light.

Tieguanyin generally drink from the

concept form: high-quality Tie Guan Yin tea bar curl, strong knots, heavy, green, abdominal pedicled Green Dragonfly was the first shape, color Xianrun, the sand was green, red titles, leaves strap frost.

voices: quality tea tea than the average tight end, leaves the body heavy, take a small amount of tea into the pot, could be heard who for the times.

detect color: golden soup, a rich ruby ​​crystal clear, after the commencement of brewing tea Securinega hypertrophy bright (Tie Guan Yin tea outside the song features one of the dorsal), with a shiny silk surface, this is the , liquor color dark those times.

smells: fine fragrance of fresh tea Tieguanyin overflow, Kai cover Duanbei light smell, and its unique aroma that is fragrant aroma, and lasting fragrance, heady Shenyi. There are Recent experimental studies have shown that at home and abroad, Tie Guan Yin aroma components contained in the most abundant species, and in the proportion of low boiling aroma components was significantly greater than with other varieties of oolong tea made from fresh leaves. Tie Guan Yin is a unique fragrance which God drunk Anna, a glass of Iron Goddess of Mercy, open the lid immediately smell the fragrance, aroma Amberpack.

products rhyme: The ancients had a Sip a fine, light switch tongue, willing to be a sense of mellow tea fresh; slow swallow, sweet with a dense and lasting appeal. The unique Tea has not been able to explain clearly, after the character had left off, this is precisely the charm of Tie Guan Yin so.

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