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introduce knowledge of varicocele the spermatic vein described time :2011-related knowledge varicose-8-3 9:38:10 Source: Qianlong health point of view [to talk about] [blog] [Write] to see the video

varicocele is likely to cause male infertility is a disease, as the pressure increases, the accelerated pace of work, many men suffering for no reason varicocele, but knowledge of the disease, but know much about, take a look at today’s knowledge varicocele what it.
experts say, about three aspects of varicocele start from the understanding that the symptoms, hazards, and morbidity, mainly this:

1. Spermatic vein varicose symptoms

can touch or see the scrotum-like swelling of blood vessels, such as earthworms, ipsilateral scrotum or testicles or fall with heavy feeling pain, scrotal swelling, scrotal and testicular standing ipsilateral lower health side of the scrotum visible on the surface expansion, tortuosity of the veins. Groups like the touch of a soft mass of earthworms, prolonged standing or when abdominal symptoms are more obvious force, or supine can alleviate the symptoms disappear. In addition, some patients are asymptomatic, can be found through clinical ultrasound.
2. Varicocele harm

1) infertility. Fine varicocele is the main cause of infertility. Sperm motility and decreased ability to increase the proportion of abnormal sperm, thereby reducing male fertility, leading to male infertility.
2) physical discomfort. Scrotum and other parts of the uncomfortable, a few people have emotional instability, insomnia, listlessness, fatigue performance of neurasthenia.
3) sexual dysfunction. Reduced sexual desire, decreased sexual pleasure, sexual pain, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction.
3. What is a varicocele?
varicocele is the spermatic cord in the venous return obstruction due to the emergence of the vasodilator, tortuous, and variable length, is incidence rate of young male population of 10-15% in male infertility accounts for 15-20%.
knowledge about varicocele how much you know, this is a lot of male friends are necessary to understand the knowledge, expertise for knowledge of the varicocele a comprehensive introduction to expert suggest the illness in a timely manner to regular medical treatment of the disease.
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