Japan Fireworks

By , March 8, 2012 12:10 pm

yesterday, should be July 24, Japan Fireworks kicked off, that is, fireworks. I remember listening to her husband have previously mentioned it, thought it is but it looks like the country, put a ten to twenty minutes would be finished, and then I really like the publicity so long, about two hours it. Japanese Fireworks beginning of the meeting, which is meant the arrival of summer in the country when, and only in the New Year holidays, it will see a lot of fireworks, but in Japan, this time of year, the country will have Fireworks, Yesterday we go to that place, called the Abe River, where the continuation of Fireworks 57 years, and we see it yesterday, the 57th Fireworks. And domestic difference is in the country, we stood looking at the venue is a ten minutes walk away, and yet here it was a long time in advance to the venue of space, what stood mats, blankets, tables chair of the accounting position, then there are all sorts of places selling snacks, watching the fireworks when the Japanese seem to like to eat are ki そ ば や, like eating country fried it, dry it does not know why they like to eat. Then what Takoyaki friends, Bang Bang ice you, like banana ice cream as snack. Some people even have their own barbecue equipment moved, and where the Sausage eating. Sounds a bit exaggerated, you can see the friends will not feel exaggerated. Of course, there is a custom look is ゆ Fireworks ka ta, is translated into Chinese bathrobe, a similar but not the kimono kimono dress, wear the clothes is also very complicated, but it looks really nice, pretty in person, she is also Well, the premise of beautiful clothes. In fact, her husband’s company has made to the families of the bathrobe, but I dislike trouble will not wear the clothing is not very pretty, so I did not wear. Fireworks is really beautiful, this is the first time and I came to Japan with her husband to see the fireworks, very happy. Although the home when the car encounters a lot of trouble, not to the total bus, so that in Japan there is no car is really troublesome. But forget, then there are a lot of Fireworks, our neighborhood park in the August 7 there, that time also, and her husband went to see. Watching fireworks, we have according to some photos, but the pixels are not very good. Have video, but not yellow diamond, can not upload, please forgive me, ha ha.

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