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menstruation What are the dangers to women ? All cones hospital network experts : the dangers of irregular menstruation like a chain reaction the same. Once menstruation , it may cause other complications. The harm is great . Menstruation is a common problem women , menstruation must actively do care and other measures . The introduces of introduction.

menstruation If menstruation does not do a good job when the care , then it is likely to bring a lot of complications. Here are some of the complications introduced , is a great harm .

① irregular menstruation may cause dysmenorrhea , amenorrhea and other issues. Abdominal cramps often occur in the next pain . Interruption of more than three months , even if the menopause .

② irregular menstruation emergency temper Zao people . Menopausal women often appear anxious Zao temper , mood changed greatly , and this is the female endocrine function may decline due .

③ irregular menstruation may also cause uterine fibroids . Mainly refers to the uterus , cellular connections , cellular network and other parts of the Ren and Chong , the occurrence of agglomeration or associated with pain disorders. The incidence of women of childbearing age accounted for 20% -25 % .

In addition , more likely to cause breast tenderness, irregular menstruation , breast hyperplasia . The main reason is endocrine disorders. The breast is more important is the secretion of estrogen to promote their growth and development, so once endocrine imbalance , disorder , it is easy to form a breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

these classes of problems are likely to be caused by irregular menstruation . It’s like a chain reaction as irregular menstruation . Shows that the harm is great . Therefore, if put on menstruation , we must do care , to avoid an excessive self- harm . ( Editor : Xiaowei )

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