3 Kim Jong Il’s death Korea

By , March 5, 2012 3:28 pm

Today, network inventory of hot events: New Year’s Day next year, all trains will implement real-name system; football drug trafficking trial continues today, Lu Jun Yang Yimin bribery case cited more attention; Korea expressed condolences on the death of Kim Jong Il not to send official condolences group; Japan Government plans to purchase through the Exchange Fund Special Account for the Chinese government bonds; Hong Kong found a case of avian influenza infection; on white-collar workers died, friends said he was sorry.

1 real-name ticket system

January 1 next year, all passenger trains will travel the real-name system for ticket booking system. Railway authorities last night announced that starting tomorrow, visitors to buy tickets next year are valid ID card are required for purchase. Lu Jun Yang Yimin

2 trial

today 8:30, anti-gambling fight against hearing the case of the first list of a deputy director-level cadres, the State Sports General Administration of adequate control center, former deputy director Yang Yimin in Tieling Intermediate People’s Court for trial on charges of accepting bribes. In view of the identity and Yang Yimin,

Lu Jun was charged with the prosecution of non-national staff accepting bribes, a total of two major items were seven counts of bribery, the cumulative amount of 81 million. Lu Jun in the trial, admitted seven crimes, confessed to the bribery 810,000.

3 Kim Jong Il’s death Korea

South Korean government on the afternoon of the 20th death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il expressed condolences to the Korean people, but decided not to send an official delegation to offer condolences to the DPRK, the DPRK but will allow private individuals to offer condolences.

4, Japan, China government bonds

live soon, Japanese Finance Minister On December 20, said the Japanese government plans to purchase through the Exchange Fund Special Account for the Chinese government bonds, the final agreement may be In the 25th meeting between the two reached at the summit. The Sino-Japanese relations and international financial events have caused great landmark foreign media attention. Some media said that this is the collision impact by Japan to improve Sino-Japanese relations attempt, the international community recognized a sign of the yuan. The media is that the yen against the U.S. dollar continued to rise, U.S. dollar as the main foreign exchange reserves have been shrinking in Japan, the Japanese choose to buy Chinese government bonds is to diversify its foreign exchange reserves, to avoid the wind Yan.

5 Hong Kong bird flu

Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Food and Health York Chow 20 confirmed dead chickens at a poultry wholesale market found infected with H5N1 avian influenza, the wholesale market will be destroyed within 21 all 17,000 chickens.

6 first set of mortgage interest rates

enjoy the benchmark interest rate loans first suite, and go up to 10% of the original is now pulled back to go up more than 5% of banks are also increasing. It is understood that the bank interest rate loans first suite callback not only in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai so many came first set of mortgage interest rates are the callback message.

7 white-ulcer death

white ulcers died, the users are very pity that Beijing girl, only 23 years old, a bloom of age, the incident also reflects today’s young people pay attention to diet, bad eating habits lead to a more serious stomach discomfort or stomach.

< STRONG> 8 pension stock

15 at the Finance Forum at the SFC Chairman Guo suggested 4 trillion pension fund investment in housing capital market; In addition, on 20 December, the Social Security Fund Dai Xianglong, chairman attended the news attracted public attention. one side is the gradual arrival of aging society, and the challenges facing the pension system, the need for value-added investments to increase revenue; side, unhealthy stock market over the past decade, China’s stock market zero or, indeed, heart-breaking investors. Qilu Network Comprehensive source)

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