Incentive for many of bronchial asthma

By , March 5, 2012 1:26 pm

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Asthma is a common respiratory disease, is the world’s health Pok industry as one of the four major chronic disease, but also is listed as one of the top ten causes of death. It is a serious threat to people’s physical and mental health, reduced working capacity of a disease, and difficult to cure. Early winter is the most likely attack of bronchial asthma season. Preventive care is particularly important.

Incentive for many of bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory airway disease, airway hyperresponsiveness are the main features of bronchial asthma.

Asthma risk factors are multiple. Genetic factors, inhaled allergens such as pollen, dust mites and so may lead to the occurrence of bronchial asthma. In addition, respiratory viral infections, irritation of daily life or harmful gases, occupational factors, air pollution, diet and food factors, respiratory infections, drug factors may also be a causal factor in bronchial asthma.

Some people may ask, why the quality of people prone to allergic asthma it? Original, allergic diathesis have a genetic predisposition, the quality of the allergic patient’s body there is a high level of allergy antibodies, when these allergic antibodies With the distribution of inhaled allergens in the respiratory tract mast cell surface, it may lead to asthma, airway sensitivity to the state, when the re-invasion of these allergens, the allergic symptoms can include nasal itching, sneezing, itchy eyes , skin allergies, phlegm, and asthma attacks.

Clinical display, an asthma attack occurs when the patient first, sneezing, runny nose, cough, chest tightness and other symptoms; if not promptly treated, the patient will be excessive airway smooth muscle contraction, spasm, stenosis, mucosal congestion, edema, increased secretions, and there will be breathing, expiratory dyspnea and other symptoms.

Standard medication to effectively control

According to experts, autumn and winter is the season of bronchial asthma and more. Warm and cold temperature changes, dry climate anomalies, not only difficult to adapt to the human body, but also greatly reduce the barrier function of the respiratory tract mucosa, is likely to cause the occurrence of asthma. Many of the standard treatment for asthma patients a lack of understanding, lack of psychological preparation to fight a protracted war, affecting the continuity of treatment and efficacy.

Most of its drugs are prescription drugs, must be strictly used under the guidance of doctors.

Although asthma can not be completely cured, but the good news is: no matter what level of asthma, can be effectively controlled.

The one hand, to find the best asthma specialists, so that they can help you control asthma. Treatment, the doctor must verify that there are other breathing incentives. Who are diagnosed with asthma, the treatment plan shall be developed to control asthma.

The other hand, in addition to cooperation with outside doctors, they can also take some measures to help control asthma. The key is to identify all asthma triggers, and to completely remove them from the life out of.

How to prevent asthma attacks

Repeated unhealed chronic bronchitis, emphysema eventually, and then evolved into chronic pulmonary heart disease, harmful to health.

Therefore, early prevention and aggressive treatment is the key to dealing with chronic bronchitis.

First attention to warm cold, cold winter weather, the patient should wear more clothes, adhere to their feet with hot water every night before bed.

Followed to prevent respiratory tract infections, because every time a cold will induce relapse of chronic bronchitis, aggravated original condition. In addition, to maintain good ventilation, you can always open the window ventilation to ensure indoor air clean and fresh; go out of smoke, dust and other harmful gases on the respiratory effects.

Diet, general proposition Eat small meals, diet should be light. Usually eat spicy food, Yi Shi a number of moistening the food or drug, such as pear, white radish, white fungus, sugar cane, etc., to moist lung, to prevent the occurrence of cough.

Smoking will not only increase

cough, caused by reflex bronchial spasm, leading to chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, but also laid the foundation for the formation of emphysema.

Then, asthma patients can not exercise? In fact, asthma patients in remission regular physical exercise, can reduce the incidence of asthma after exercise.

Physical exercise can not only improve the patient’s body constitution, can also increase the body’s disease resistance and environmental adaptability.

But what sport it more suitable for patients with asthma?

In common sports projects, in order, for patients with asthma to participate in swimming, tai chi, gymnastics, feather cones, walking, cycling, jogging. Therefore, patients with asthma can participate in some of the easy, entertaining sports and games, in a relaxed state of mind to achieve the purpose of physical exercise.




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