chest infection and learn the 5 experts to come together

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By , June 1, 2012 10:59 pm

Heilongjiang Jia Musi City nineteen in school teacher Zhang Lili is not out of the life danger.CNTV news (network news reporter Li Wenxue reports) is the most beautiful teacher Zhang Lili tries to save the students, high amputation remains awake holding countrywide netizen heart.
The 12 day the reporter understands, Zhang Lili had complications sign, Heilongjiang province afternoon sent 5 expert consultation, at present Zhang Lili’s vital signs are disappearing, in 12 days 10 nights to First Affiliated Hospital Harbin Medical university.
Video: female teachers car when pushed students being rolled legs amputated source: Heilongjiang television spend the morning “” twenty thirty-eight on May 8th, in Jia Musi City Road on the north side of victory in the fourth school door, four car engaged, nineteen language teacher Zhang Lili rushed forward, opened the two students, being crushed under a car, high amputation.
According to the Jiamusi Central Hospital vice president Liu Yanjun, Zhang Lili present life indication relatively stable, was already awake, but some then move, doctors use a sedative to let her in a calm state.
“No life danger, complications of peak will appear, there have been a number of minor sign.”Afternoon, government of province of provincial Party committee and the provincial health assigned the Department of respiration, Department of orthopedics, Department of medicine, chest infection and learn the 5 experts to come together, and all were treated to Jiamusi Central Hospital.
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment > reports: Liu Yandong call greetings to save the people of Heilongjiang female teachers
Female teacher to help students to both legs amputated continued:
multiple fractures is still in a coma
The teacher before the car accident pushed students amputation continued: eyewitness memory crash the entire process
The teacher before the car accident pushed students

no other relatives can help .

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By , June 1, 2012 10:58 pm

The day before yesterday ,Hunan Children ward, Chen Shuifeng. Give up (a pseudonym ) clothes ,while helping Tian Tianchui balloon .Map / reporter Hua Jian 4years ago,the employer gives the daughter nanny Chen Shuifeng care ,after working for girls ;cure ,Chen Feng Shui to spend their savings, also borrowing 30000 yuan,4 years later,Chen Shuifeng was unable to continue to pay the girl she is persuaded the child away, but she thought in ,but the feeling Tian Tian (a pseudonym ) parents are getting divorced ,father write a power of attorney ,will be up to the nanny Chen Feng Shui ,went to the field work, thereafter ,Tian Tian has been made by Chen Shuifeng with ,this is 4 years.
Because the body is frail, Tian Tian is often ill .This few years ,Chen Shuifeng took up around it ,spent 70000 multivariatemoney of provide for the aged ,also borrow 30000 yuan.Many people will persuade Chen Shuifeng Da Ta out ,but she thinks although and Tian Tian no blood ,but the feelings, and who can heal up ,I am willing to give him free for 10 years .
Reporter Yang Lu reported in Changsha origin certificate of entrustment ,a new full moon Chen Shuifeng is a domestic service ,Yongzhou in Xintian County ,this year 55 years old .In July 15, 2007, is a busy she suddenly heard a knock at the door .
Open the door to look ,a man is holding a child was standing at the door . Help me with a daughter .The man said .After some conversation ,Chen Feng Shui learned man named Tian Yaping, a daughter ,was born 1months,because the and his wife divorce, Tian Yaping is going to Guangdong work, listen to people say that Chen Shuifeng took the children with good, preparation gives the daughter Chen Shuifeng .
A little consideration, Chen Shuifeng promised .Tian Yaping immediately wrote a Book :I entrust Ms. Chen Shuifeng took my daughter lady ,and the promise of a monthly wage of 400 yuan to Chen Shuifeng .
That day ,Chen Shuifeng Tian Yaping took over from the field ,the area is 4 years. Prior to 2 years ,in addition to his father didn send me several times over wages, everything is fine .
Chen Shuifeng, Tada, don Moreover ,she thinks ,wait until the end of the year ,Da Ara will come back .Have spent all of their savings ,and borrowed 30000 yuanin the blink of an eye, a field at the age of 2 ,Chen Shuifeng was sent to the kindergarten .
Before long ,have a fever ,cough up again .Sent to the hospital for a check up ,with a Qiguan pneumonia .It was 2009 November,since then, up most of the time ,are in a hospital bed spent .
Repeated disease ,repeated treatment ,but is not cure .Chen Shuifeng took out a bag ,the bag has a stack of print in hospital bills ,basically is to give Tada Ji spending bill .From Yongzhou Xintian County Maternal and child health hospital ,children to the Hunan Children ,a total cost of about 100000 yuan .
And Chen Shuifeng said ,12 years as anurse ,they save money on food and expenses under the force of 70000 yuanpension costs ,have been used in field .In March of this year, she and the other to borrow 35000 yuan to Tada Ji ,now also has remained without a few .
Affiliated Hunan Children family physician Yang Ting said ,on June 22nd, Tada Ji was a Qiguan pneumonia admitted ,in fact a field of disease itself is not important ,but because of a long illness, and poor nutrition ,low resistance ,Tiantian physical condition is not good .
Moved up to say the first word was grandma these years ,many people have advised Chen Shuifeng ,said that the child is not you, the body is not good, it away .She said ,with 4 years,blood is not in but the feeling .
She is very smart ,10 months willwalk .Chen Shuifeng said that, on that day, she gave Tada a dinner, is going to wash the dishes, back only to find 10 months of Tiantian pushed home small stool, wobbly approaching.
On the field ,Chen Shuifeng is meticulous .Tada Takayagi does not return to sleep ice ,Chen Shuifeng also wrapped in quilts sleeping ,very cold ,but the need with grandma .Later, Da Tayagi drew ,Chen Shuifeng were — because the cold working six days needle .
This kind of pay, also traded the field of love .Chen Shuifeng said ,Tiantian will say the first word was grandma ,own your tears ,Tiantian will give themselves to wipe away the tears ,said :grandma ,don ,grow up ,I a lot of good .
1 pm ,a field after the meal, even at a number of yawns ,flew into the arms of afternoon naps grandma .And to the field of sleep ,Chen Shuifeng took up the leftover food, start your own lunch .
I now only hope that she could be better .Who can cure her ,I am willing to give him free for 10 years .Touch up head ,with tears, said Chen Feng shui .Troubled family don ,can medical expenses of Chen Shuifeng ,moved many people .
In the field of hospitalization ,surnamed Tang woman paid her a few thousand yuan of medical expenses ,but also bring home in the old clothes to field .And Tian Tian with ward Tan Zemin ,also many times to buy them to lunch .
These days ,she is in line with ,I think she .Tan Zemin says .But Chen Feng Shui ,the mother is not too understand .Chen Shuifeng and her husband have 3 children ,along with the death of her husband ,sons and daughters have free-standing house ,after most of the time ,she lived alone .
Therefore ,just taking care of a field at that time ,her sons and daughters do not know ,my mother took a job . Then know ,feel is good ,the elderly have a partner, also will not be lonely .
Chen Shuifeng daughter, Miss Gao said ,Americans began after the illness ,we do hope the mother can put up away, than anything else, but when she got older, should also pay attention to the body ,give yourself some money for retirement .
Miss Gao said ,his 3 siblingsfamily conditions is not good ,is unable to undertake such a long-term medical expenses .But ,mother to field for two consecutive years in the hospital have the Spring Festival ,it makes them some dissatisfaction .
Hear the children say ,Chen Shuifeng just sighed and said, she will stick to it . The greatest difficulty ,to afford the medical expenses .Happy father finally appeared before a few field that day ,Tian Tian Tian Yaping in the hospital ,finally showing up, and paid 3000 yuan of medical expenses.
Tian Yaping says ,he has a son of 8 years old ,the field was entrusted to Chen Shuifeng ,I went to guangdong .Two years later ,he returned to Yongzhou to find a job ,your daughter went to Chen Shuifeng have a look .
In March, he learned that his daughter ,but because the salary is too low and incapable of action . I really have no idea .Tian Yaping said in a low voice ,his parents died early, no other relatives can help .
Tian Yaping said ,at present, he and his wife have reconciliation ,she wants to her daughter ,but her motion sickness, so didn come together .On Chen Feng Shui ,Tian Yaping is grateful .
Find a way to pay off her money .He said ,the future he will take Chen Shuifeng as one of the family ,as a mother to care .Welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended

After boarding the plane

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By , June 1, 2012 10:58 pm

Last year five one holiday ,Jiangxi a passenger at Shanghai after playing for plane ride back to chang .She boarded the plane soon, suddenly felt unwell and deteriorating, eventually died .
The air passenger transport contract dispute lawsuit in Nanchang ,Shanghai stage ,this is the first case of Jiangxi air passenger transport contract dispute lawsuit .The reporter learns 12 days ,the air passenger transport contract dispute lawsuit in the Xinjian County province of the people ,the court of First Instance judgement in favor of passengers .
This lawsuit also caused the reflection of people ,on the plane with paramedics ?Event replay: passenger boarding after the onset of death last year five one ,Nanchang citizen Wang Saizhen and his wife Qi Xiangdong to Shanghai to play .
May 3, 2010 afternoon ,ready to return to Chang Wang Saizhen couple in Shanghai Pudong International Airport terminal ,and at fourteen ten get on the Shanghai auspicious Airlines Company Limited ( hereinafter referred to as Airlines ) to Nanchang flight .
After boarding the plane ,Wang Saizhen also did not go to your seat ,you feel uncomfortable .Qi Xiangdong helped Wang Saizhen side to side ,flight attendants and save .Two people are seated, Wang Saizhen sweating ,dizziness ,pale and symptoms ,illness began to intensify .
See his wife onset, paint to East attendant call a doctor for treatment .The crew via radio failed to find a doctor ,airplane emergency medical box will not open .First ,the crew thought that the king is heatstroke ,called for fans to Wang Shanfeng, after the king of shortness of breath ,and used to assist breathing oxygen device .
The crew to see Wang Saizhen without any better ,and ground service personnel, requirement Shanghai International Airport owned by Limited by Share Ltd, international airport of Shanghai medical emergency center ( hereinafter referred to as the emergency center ) sent medical personnel rescue patients .
About 20 minutes later ,the doctor boarded a plane to check on Wang Saizhen .Because of inconvenient to save treatment ,doctors advised the king back plane of rescue .However, when Wang Saizhen is back after the plane ,appeared to stop breathing .
Emergency physicians and emergency rescue treatment .Eventually ,Wang Saizhen died on the way to hospital .The focus of the dispute :the death of passengers who will bear to see wife suddenly and their yin and yang two separate ,paint to East hardly wished to live .
Wang Saizhen, what the hell is dead ?Shanghai People medical certificate issued by the death on the show, Wang Saizhen may have two kinds of cases: a possible pulmonary embolism caused by diseases leading to death ;another possibility is the double lower limbs varicose veins .
In 12, Qi Xiangdong accepted a reporter to interview say ,from the students perspective, two kinds of disease from the onset to death time interval can be maintained for about 1.5 hours .
And Wang Saizhen from onset to death less than 1.5 hours.He suspected that his wife death and missed the best rescue time has the very big relations .Qi Xiangdong said ,Wang Saizhen boarded the plane appear unwell and exacerbations, airline did not cause enough attention ,causing a delay in the best rescue time .
In addition ,the doctor in case of emergency in time for patient ,to critically ill patients without stretcher to lift off the plane, but against the emergency principle will patients back under the aircraft ,is extremely wrong rescue action .
In response, emergency center argues ,emergency physicians in the rescue of patients did not violate operating ,is entirely in accordance with the medical release of nursing procedure to deal with ,there is no fault behavior .
While the airlines believe ,in Wang Saizhen after the onset, staff in time for the oxygen and actively looking for the doctor ,quickly contact the emergency center on Wang Saizhen of rescue .
In the rescue process, airline staff are in accordance with the doctor to assist in rescue ,they have done our duty .The progress of :Court of passengers in favor of Qi Xiangdong thinks, his wife Wang Saizhen ,the airline has cannot the responsibility of shirk .
At the same time ,he thinks the doctor delay of a valuable gold rescue time ,emergency center will assume responsibility .In order to get back to the East ,paint to the people of Xinjian County filed an indictment, airline ,emergency center owned company in the dock .
The 12 reporters interviewed understanding to this case ,the people has conducted two public hearing .Court that, air passenger transport contract is the implementation of no-fault liability system is more and more strict strict liability ,the requirements of the carrier in the transport process should the existence of defects, namely the carrier even in the absence of fault, it shall bear the liability for compensation ,and the casualty is full of passengers reasons the carrier shall bear the burden of proof ,the defendant ,but the airline does not apply to the college to provide any evidence to prove the defendant ,so the proposed exemption reasons could not be established .
Finally, the court held the airline to compensate the loss of 490000 yuan whole ,the passengers as the victim won the first .Discussion :the plane should with staff from the court reporter learned that ,due to passenger plane burst disease lethal and airlines have air transport contract dispute caused by the lawsuit in Jiangxi belongs to the first .
Although the aircraft equipped with emergency box and emergency medical kit ,the crew said no professional medical personnel in the field cannot be opened ,and the aircraft are not equipped with medical personnel ,which equates to emergency box and emergency medical box lost emergency function ,which also exposed the abuses and the air transport industry loophole .
A person engaged in the air transport industry insiders told reporters ,in peacetime, the air transport sector will be on the aircraft crew medical emergency training ,mainly for aircraft emergency medical equipment storage location ,function and method of use and emergency box content items in training ,at the same time ,also ask every a cabin attendant operating practice of cardiopulmonary resuscitation .
But they are only equivalent to the level of professional emergency personnel ,but did not reach the staff level .To this, the provincial CPPCC members Ling Zhi thinks ,airplane and train as a special public traffic tools ,in addition to equipped with emergency box and emergency medical box ,but also equipped with medical staff stands ready to provide services .
Medical professionals by doctors ,nurses and medical clinical experienced medical staff as ,suggestions on each aircraft equipped with at least two staff ( 1 physiciansand 1 nurses ) .
Provincial CPPCC Standing Committee Xu Xiaohuan suggested ,according to the actual needs of the air transport market ,it is necessary for China Civil Aviation Administration of China made large aircraft public air transport carrier operating certification rules amended as appropriate, increase aircraft should be equipped with medical personnel .